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American Home Shield - Total Rip Off 3 of 3 people found it helpful
Hot water heater went out. I called AHS who scheduled a tech to arrive between 10 am and 2pm two days later with promise of 30 min. warning time for tenant. At 9:30 am on day of arrival, he calls to say he is 5 min away and cannot wait for me to notify tenant because, "this is my last call in this town and then I am out of here." Arrived, spent 5 min and said, "You need a hot water heater". ?? He has to go back to his store, 35 miles away to...
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Water heater is leaking on a Friday evening and they said they couldnt do anthing but create a request to schedule an apointment by Tuesday of the next week. That was not get someone to our house by Tuesday but actually was just to give them time to make the call to a contractor. Last time it was a week after they schedule the contractor before they could get to us. Then another two weeks for parts. No hot water for 23 days to have someone we...
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I sent a request to fix my water heater and the contractor charged me $125 just to tell me it needed to be replaced. I contacted AHS and they told me it wasn't covered completely and that I needed to pay over $600 out of pocket to get it fixed. I immediately canceled and told them I wasn't happy with them. What kind of company offers to cover your appliances and home systems and then go and charge you anyway? Stay away from this company, they...
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My wife and I went on vacation to come back to a leaking water heater. We contacted American home sheild on monday Of whom we have been a customer for 15+ years to schedule an appointment 24 hrs later still no call from a contractor. We called the contractor that was listed on the email from American home sheild and no answer and no way to leave a message. We called American home sheild on Wednesday and explained we have a 3 year old and have...
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Will not replace our water heater with something comparable. They want to give us $589 to replace our 82 gallon water heater or for us to take a 50 gallon water heater with a mixing valve. A licensed plumber warned me not accept a mixing valve because I will NOT have hit water it will be Warm at best in winter. I can not buy and install for the amount they are wanting to give. They claim they can't get an 80 gallon from suppliers but I call and...
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I have purchased my first home and the seller was nice enough to buy me a home warranty with American Home Shield. I am 3 months in with my new home and the hot water has gone out. I called AMS and a company called Drain Go came out, but they informed me that I would be out of pocket with parts. I didn't allow them to do any work until I spoke back with AMS because my contract clearly states all components and parts would be covered under the...
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