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Their modifications where gas line, plumbing, vent and tear down which I'm thinking is removal of the defective hot water heater. Total cost of modifications over $380.00. Keep in mind that a vent is already in place just needs to be reconnected. The gas line is in place and is flexible. Just needs to be reconnected. Water lines in place just need copper fitting attached. So what remodifications they are talking about is unknown. Maybe they are...
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I didn't like
  • Dishonest contractors
  • Fraudulent
An appt was schedule to put it in 3 days later, 2 weeks after the claim was submitted. The afternoon before the contractor was supposed to come, he calls and says that he hasn't even ordered the water heater, and that it would not be til next week. So it will be 20 days after the claim was submitted before the problem is even fixed. And now our old one has completely quit. Now we have no hot water and six kids bathing in cold water for 7 days! .
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My tan less water heater went out three Satirdays ago. The plumbing Company came out that day and tried to contact the maker of the water heater, but they were closed. On Monday he came back and spoke with the make of the water heater and was told where he could order the part. He said he was going to the company to order the part. Came back the third week and installed the part and them stated that he needed to replace another part. Going into...
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