In April of 2007 my service when out in over half of my house due a damaged 240 volt cable and meter base socket located on the outside of my house.

On my initial call to AHS they dispatched a company that specializes in everything but is not a master at anything. This company came to look at my problem and decided the prolem was with my local electric company.

The local electric company came out the same day and discovered the problem needed to be taken care of by an electrician.

The inexperienced company came back out a day later and I had to show them what the problem was according to PP&L. This company wrote up and estimate to replace one part of the problem but of course they never let me know because that's confidiential information that can only be shared with AHS.

The handyman company was not sure about completing the work and before they could do anything, I needed to have the power turned off from the street by PP&L which is also proof that this was not a master electrician because I found out much later that a master electrician has the ability to cut the power and restore it themselves.

Well after a week with hardly any power and not hearing anything from the repair company. I called to inquire as to whether they had scheduled the disconnect with PP&L only to be put on hold while the *** receptionist called to schedule the appt. with me on the phone which took her about 25 minutes to do so.

Well I had already spoken to PP&L and was informed the no one had called to schedule a disconnect so I got the work order and made the appt. myself.

I relayed this info to the receptionist once she came back but I also informed them that they could not replace just the socket in the meterbase because PP&L said they will not restore power until the cable has been replaced also.

The repair to replace the socket was $225 to replace the cable and the socket was $700. AHS being the crooks that they are told me that they will only replace what was written up by the repairman and I would have to pay the difference.

After battling with them and still going without power for 3 weeks, AHS told me that I needed to have a housing inspector check the problem and give a report on what needed to be replaced.

Basically the inspector needed to tell the electrician how to do his job. I had an inspector check the problem and was told that I needed to have the cable and socket in the meterbase replaced and it cost me $50 for this report.

I faxed this report to AHS and after reviewed they stated that they are still not going to pay for anything that was not written up on the initial estimate. So they had me pay for an inspection for nothing (so they thought)

I told AHS that I was not satisfied with the company they sent and that I did not want them doing any repairs to my house because I didnt' feel that they were competent enough to do it correctly so AHS dispatched a second company who gave an even higher estimate because they wanted to replace a panel inside the basement as well (which was not necessary) but their estimate was $2700.

AHS was definitely not going to pay that so they gave the job back to the first company and agreed to pay $225.

After over a month without power I decided to take the cash out option and hire another company (a master electrician) to do the repairs. I paid him $680 and the job was done and power restored in approx. 3 hours.

After that I vowed that I would make AHS reimburse me for the additional $445 that I spent for repairs that should have been covered under my home warranty.

I was so frustrated with AHS. I had been with AHS for 7 years, paid my monthly premiums faithfully and never had any major claims submitted and this is what they do to a loyal customer.

I filed a complaint against them with the Attorney General, Better Busines Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission.

After the Attorney Generals office pick up my claim, and started being the mediator between AHS and myself we corresponded for about 2 months. AHS finally stated that their position stands and they will not reimburse me. I let the AG office know that I do not accept AHS response but since their position stood and they will not reimburse me, I will pursue other avenues against AHS to make them pay.

Approx, 2 weeks after they saw that I had no intentions of backing down from this, AHS sent a response that they will agree to reimburse me $454 and attach a disclaimer that if I cash the check, it relieves them of all liability. This was in July 2007 so I had to fight them for 4 months in order to get my money.

I acccepted the offer since that's all I wanted in the first place.

Right after I got my cash out check of $225 from AHS and paid for the additional repairs myself which was in May 2007 I canceled my contract with AHS and switched to Home Warranty of America.

I haven't had any problems with the new company and I have submitted 2 claims already.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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those other companiers you have dealt with must be pretty bad because American Home Shield is hands-down the worst company I have ever dealth with. I bet you the people who work there can't sleep at night or look themselves in the mirror...they are all a bunch of crooks and liars. Run as fast as you can away from AHS.


but again.... i tell you..... GOOD LUCK!


Im sorry to tell you, but you made a BIG mistake. HWA will try to find any little dumb reason not to cover you repairs.

You must have been dealing with some one @ AHS who didnt know what they were doing at the time, because AHS is one of the BEST Insurance companys around, and it has been for years. I tell you from expereince.

My boss is a contractor for AHS, HWA, and NHP, and many more. And let me tell you AHS is the only company we never have any problems with in covering for repairs 99.9% of the time they will authorize us to complete the job.

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