Bluffton, South Carolina
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Day One: Thought I'd start writing about my experience starting today, cause I suspect it only will get worse. At approximately 5 a.m.

on June 10, 2016 I entered a service request with American Home Shield to come take a look at our air conditioning system that had stopped working. I then received an email stating that one of their contractors would contact me. By 10 a.m. no one had contacted me so I called the number for the contractor and was placed in voicemail.

Later, I received a call from Stephanie who said the first available appointment was Monday, June 13. I asked her if there were any alternatives as it was expected to reach 96 degrees over the weekend, and surely this should be considered an emergency. She said I could pay extra to have a technician come sooner. I then accepted the appointment, and said I'd call AHS to see if they could offer any alternatives.

She said she would call them, and shortly thereafter I got another email from AHS saying another company would contact me. Thinking this might be good news I called the company after not hearing anything from them directly and found out they didn't have any appointments until Tuesday, June 14. I accepted the appointment for Tuesday. I then called AHS, and after a reasonable wait, I got a customer service representative who explained that the first contractor said I didn't accept their appointment (a lie), and then she told me they were within their contract not to offer service, even in an emergency, over a weekend.

I then asked if I would be reimbursed if I found someone myself, she put me on hold, and after 5 minutes the line disconnected.

So that is where I am. I think I have an appointment with a contractor headquartered in a city that is 2 hours from my home next Tuesday...and a sweltering weekend ahead.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

American Home Shield Pros: Online service request feature.

American Home Shield Cons: Limited number of local contractors.

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See if you can purchase a portable A/C unit and ask for at least a credit towards it. My company offered $150, so I was still out of pocket $100.

In addition to the $95 service fee, the additional $150.00 that the contractor charged me because he had to do 'additional configuration to make my A/C system work with the part' (which is standard operating procedure for the contractors to make an extra $$ because the providers are paid so poorly) and the tip I gave the contractor (who was excellent), I was still out over $400. But the frustration over the lack of customer service remains my biggest complaint.


I have experienced the same frustrations but for over two weeks! Am considering a class action lawsuit. One similar case was settled for approximately $33,000!

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