Hollywood, South Carolina
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My real estate agent recommended American Home Shield. Apparently, he had had some good interactions with them...I'm guessing that must have been the only ones anyone has had.

I am livid with these people. They have been terrible at ensuring good communication with the service providers they call to come to my home, mainly ARS Resue Rooter.....about whom I have nothing nice to say either! AHS was to communicate to ARS Rescue Rooter re: a scheduled service of our Heat Pump.....no one ever called us so we called ARS....It must have taken 5 more phone calls to basically get the right people in touch with one another. That was in the fall.

More recently, I scheduled a service of our A/C....as it wasn't working. The compressor was busted. AHS would not approve replacement and instead made ARS install some type of "kit" to the compressor. Basically, it was a patch.

Guess what now it's 5 weeks later and I have no A/C again. It's 80 degrees in my house and we called AHS 4 days ago and set up a service call with ARS today. There was to be no service fee as it was in the 60 day callback period. ARS was supposed to be here between 12 and 2 pm.

After 4 phone calls saying "you're next".....the tech finally calls at 7pm to say he's on the way but we'll have to pay not one, but two service fees because his office says that AHS did not send over any documentation that the call was to be without charge. Well, of course, he can't come out until AHS calls ARS who is now closed except for their *** call center which might as well be a cassette answering machine under a desk in Antarctica.....AHS couldn't get in touch with ARS....the tech never showed. And thus, ARS sucks just as much as AHS.....two peas in a pod. Terrible customer service from both.

Apparently they communicate thru two soup cans attached by a string.......would probably be more effective than what they do now. Strongly recommend you do your research on other home warranties before signing up for this one.

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It's been a month since duct work issues in my house. They sent a terrible company out who has been out in the past and keeps saying there's nothing wrong with my duct work but i've repeatedly ask for a second opinion, the second opinion company told them the whole thing needed to be replaced, although AHS changed out some duct run lines last year (didn't want to pay to get the whole thing done so they did a patch job through another company).

When this company told them it was in complete disarray, they sent the same tired company out to tell them that nothing was wrong once more. I've been dealing with them for 1 month on this issue and my renters are irritated.

I just ended up paying someone else to do it because AHS customer service sucks and they can't seem to handle their job. I hate AHS!!!!

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