We had American Home Shield for several years. It cost us $700.00 per year and then it was $75.00 per service call.

We had an issue with our HVAC system, (AC would not shut off and ran non stop) paid the $75 service fee only to be told that by the contractor they sent out, that the coils needed cleaning, to the tune of $350.00 that American Home Shield did not cover. Paid contractor to remove clean and reinstall evaporator coils. HVAC system still functioned the very same way. They sent 3 different contractors at $75 each who all did the very same thing...changed the thermostat.

No improvement. Gave up and just simply manually turned AC on and off as needed. But, American Home Shield contractors never fixed the problem. The last straw however, was when we had gone away on vacation to come home and find that our power lines had been struck by lightening, that fried our TV set, cable DVR, and wifi system as well as our garage door opener.

Of course they don't cover your TV set. The cable company replaced their equipment, but when the American Home Shield, garage door contractor came out, you guessed it, at $75.00, he looked at the garage door opener and said that because it was not connected to a ground fault outlet, American Home Shield would not cover the repair. Now we had paid an extra amount in our annual fee, specifically, so that our garage door opener would be covered. But, whoever heard of a garage door opener, in a dry garage that was required to be connected to a ground fault outlet?

We went round and round on the phone, with American Home Shield, but in the end they gave us the same song and dance that their contractor did. Not covered under their warranty! So, in conclusion. My advice to anyone considering a home warranty, you would be well advised to avoid American Home Shield like the plague!

They Lie, Lie, Lie!

They DO NOT cover what they say they will. And if you ask me, all those positive reviews on their website, were probably written by their employees!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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