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I live in Tucson Arizona. And as many people know it gets pretty hot here.

Every other year my A/C unit goes out since we have lived in out home. and every other year we have had to fight w/American home shield for repairs. Well my A/C unit has gone out again and today's high was 99 so you can imagine what the temp feels like inside of a home even with the widows and doors open to get a cross breeze of hot air. W contact American Home Shield and told them that we needed to have some one come out right away.

They said that they could not find anyone in their list of people that could come out. My husband asked if we could look for someone on our own and have American Home Shield reimburse us. They agreed under one circumstances, that company that we chose when needed to call American Home Shield and let them know what the problem is before they give the green light to take care of the services. So the hunt began and what we found out there are alot of companies that do not want to deal with American Home Shield.

I need my A/C unit replaced , I've needed it replaced for years but they refuse. They offer this promise of fixing A/C units on their website but they don't.

So once again we are stuck with a company that could gave a *** about their customers, and I along with my family is stuck in a hot house waiting on them to get it together. the last time we had to wait 3 weeks before any work could be done in the Arizona summer months.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: American Home Shield does not care about their customers.


American Home Shield Cons: Customer service.

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I am presently going through the same thing with AHS contractors with my central air conditioner and have been without air conditioning since July 29th, 2016. I've gone through one contractor who refuses to come back.

The other will return again for the third time Friday the 19th. Every time they come, they put R22 in the system that leaks right back out and system freezes within 7 hours. When I asked the tech why do you keep doing the same thing with no results, he told me an AHS go between by the name of "Todd" told him NOT to condemn my unit, just keep repairing it!!! I asked him for Todd's number but he would not give it to me.

I called AHS and of course they did not know "Todd". Agent supposedly escalated my complaint to AHS's Contractor Relations Department but agent has not received a response from CRD. As of now, agent at AHS left a message that another contractor will come out for a second opinion.... haven't heard from this contractor nor did AHS agent leave name or number of contractor.

Conveniently, I cannot contact this AHS agent directly and have to go through the robo system only to get another agent who doesn't know what I'm going through until she takes 5 mins to read all the information. Then gives me the standard answer "Recall" At first, I blamed bad contractors working for AHS but now I know none of them could care less.

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