We have had our AC units "fixed" over 12 times during the past 2 years..... this included 2 of the units needing....

TWO full freon fill ups..... WHAT?!?!?!!!!!! Most units don't need freon but every 7-10 and that's if it's a *** unit. This is scam, they did not put the caps on so the when they replaced the freon in September, by April it was empty.

This is only one way of how they set you up so you have to keep calling them back for services. Shady, scamming & dishonest and AHS supports and allows this type behavior. It's better to have a recommended repair service and pay full price, have it done right and be happy- don't, DON'T use AHS!!!.

No more wasted time contacting AHS getting the run around and waiting on hold for 55 mins (no kidding!) to speak to an operator. This being one of MANY phones calls......ugh!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

American Home Shield Cons: False promises, Being on hold for endless hours, Poor service providers.

Store Location: Brentwood, Tennessee

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AHS.... doesn't approve anything!!! What a waste of money


AMERICAN HOME STEALS!!! They should be sued.


The caps on the freon valves do not prevent it freon from escaping, any more than the caps on your tire pressure valves hold the air in your car tires. The service sucks because of the $200 average cost per claim cap that is imposed on the HVAC contractors in order to keep their AHS contract.

The contractors can’t help but receive low scores, when they are employed to find a way out of spending money on the customers. The truth is, all AHS contractors would love nothing better than to be able to afford nicer trucks, higher class techs, and more office staff, so that would not have to alienate the entire world with poor business practices. AHS Contractors would love to go into the customers’ homes, tell you the diagnosis, and be able to make the repairs or replacement on the same day, resting assured that they would receive a nice check from AHS for providing great customer care. Sadly the contractor will receive the same $200 for each ticket, whether the claim is denied or the system is replaced; and half of the $200 comes from the customer deduductible!

All parts and new equipment are paid for by the contractor, NOT AHS!!! Do you really think AHS is paying out these claims???? The CONTRACTOR is paying out your claims!!! if they bill AHS more than the cost cap, well, it’s the end of the line working with AHS.

The contractor does not ENJOY this business. He did not attend years of school, followed by annual continuing education classes, and years of apprenticeship, learning how to be a shady AHS repairman. Fate has her own plans, and due to the economy, inflation, real estate agents, and tightwad customers, there are too many contractors and not enough paying customers. AHS promises a high volume of low quality calls.

Becoming a “preferred AHS providor” is a very lengthy process. AHS only wants to offer call volume to the small company whom they can overwhelm and control. Think Blue Cross and a doctor’s office. If the doctor stops working for Blue Cross, he goes out of business.

Contractors learn by working with AHS that it is upon themselves to read the customers’ contracts, and see which repairs can be denied, so they don’t have to spend their own money to fix it without reimbursement. Corners must be cut in order to pay the bills and the payroll to stay afloat.

There are no retail customers anymore, once the reputation of the business starts to suffer, as the complaints stack up, causing more dependency upon AHS for calls. The customers should stop using AHS policies, and maybe the industry would clean itself up.


Do not use AHS. You will waste 700-1000 dollars a year and still have high out of pocket costs. First American HW is more comprehensive and contracts better companies for service calls.


Regardless which home warranty company, the business model is the same: spend less than the premium. A whole lot of customers have to get basically nothing, in order for a few customers to see a benefit to having a policy.

It’s a gamble all around. Who wants to be a customer that gets denied, after spending $700-1000 on a policy? Why not take that money and save it in a rainy day fund? Most customers admit they have no willpower or self-control when it comes for planning for emergency repair or replacement.

All home warranty calls are emergencies, because NO home warranty will replace anything while it still works. Therefore, the machine or system is beyond dead before anything can be done. A wise homeowner, which amazingly there are some out there, will replace something BEFORE catastrophe strikes. A water heater CAN and SHOULD be replaced BEFORE it ruptures and water ruins everything.

A heating and cooling system can be replaced, also, in advance of its death. Likewise the dishwasher, washing machine, etc., but no home warranty is going to do that.


There is no customer service. This is infuriating.

You have to enter a credit card before you try and schedule an appt. I really just need to talk to someone about my options. Phone is all automated service.

I would strongly suggest not using this company. I only used them as a first time home buyer because it was offered by the realty agency I was working with.I just had an annual maintainance and they told me there were a bunch of problems w the unit.


If you want to waste money every month and get the worst service providers in your area to come to your home AHS is for you.


I've used AHS for 8 years and I'm finally done with them! They absolutely suck!

Customer service is the worst! Just today, I had plumbers come out to help with water pressure. What they did, after showing up 2 hours late, is absolutely nothing! Told me they didn't know what was wrong.

Charged me $75 and left. I called AHS and they told me, in a sick monotone voice, is that's how it goes. I said it's like I used my car insurance company to help me with a flat tire, the tow truck driver shows up, tells me I have flat tire, and then drives off. Bottom line, AHS sucks!

They deliver 50% of the time. Not good enough!

I have one more month with them and will not be renewing.

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