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this company is a fraud. at the most it is a discount company, not a home warranty.

here is our story: May 8 Placed a request for services with American Home Shield, for our AC unit because it was not cooling properly May 11 - Scheduled the 1st appoint with Total Air Care. The contractor rescheduled it because of its double booking. May 12 Scheduled appointment from 12:00pm 4:00pm. I received a call from Total Air Care stating that they were not coming because they were double booked at that time.

This wasnt until after I had taken a half day off from work. They reschedule for May 13. May 13 The tech arrived at the house for the inspection. I asked him to remove his shoes before entering the house because we had white carpet.

He looked at me and stared for a couple of seconds then said that he would start outside. After he checked the pressure on the outside unit he determined that we were 2 pounds low on Freon and offered to fill it back up. I asked him, Doesnt that mean that there is a leak? He replied, Not necessarily.

I asked him if he was going to see where the leak was and he told he wasnt authorized to do that. He could only add Freon. I told him that there was no point in paying to Freon in the unit if was going to leak. We followed up his visit with a complaint to Total Air Car and American Home Shield.

After talking to AHS, we found out that he claimed that I would not let him into our house. May 18 2nd scheduled visit from 12:00pm-4:00pm (tech #2) We took another half day off to stayed home. I met with the tech and confirmed that we were low on Freon. When he went to inspect the inside unit he confirmed that there was a leak in the evaporator coil.

He took measurements and mentioned that he would get insurance company's approval then place the order for the parts. we were told that we would get the new coil replace in a week. Six days later, nothing happened. we called your company and your contractor.

Obviously nothing was done. Someone told me the they would work on the order. June 2 3rd scheduled visit 12:00pm 4:00pm (tech #3) We took another half day off. I received a call at 4:15pm stating that the tech would not be there because he was running late and also it was raining.

I called the company and reluctantly agreed to schedule an appointment for Saturday the 3rd. June 3 - The tech #3 arrived and unpacked the new coil then went inside to measure the old coil. After he measured the inside coil he realized that the measurements that the other tech took were not correct and the coil was too small. He packed it back up and said that he would order the right coil and reschedule.

June 12 4th scheduled visit 8:00am 12:00pm (Same tech #3). Arrived at 1:20pm. We were ask to pay $652 before he could start the work. this was for the 13 pound of Freon replacement.

He unpacked coil and emptied all Freon from our AC unit. The coil had some minor damage to it. When I questioned the tech he called his boss. His boss assured me that it would not affect the performance of the unit.

If it did, they would come back out and fix it. Shortly after that the tech put the coil back into his truck and said, Let me take some measurements. He then stated that the new coil is too small and he needed new brackets and he would have to order them. Then I asked if he was going to add the Freon back into the unit and he told me that he didnt have any in the truck and then left.

at that point of time, our house had 0 cool air. June 13 5th scheduled visit 12:00pm-4:00pm The tech #4 arrived and after inspecting the unit, he advised us that the evaporator coil that he had was not the right one, not only its size but also wrong hookup connection. He called his boss and we informed him that we would like a full refund of $652.00 and we did not want them to attempt to install the wrong coil. I also advised him that we were no longer interested in doing business with their company.

We called American Home Shield to advise them that we would like to the cash out option. AT the mean time, wecouldn't live in a house wo AC, we asked another contractor to add Freon for us. we had to pay $300 for this. June 14 - Your company called.

we were offered $566 for the replacement. we researched on our end.

this amount is far less than buying a new coil (about $1300), adding labor and Freon, it would cost us at least $2000. 5 weeks, more than 20 calls to AHS and your contractor, hours of time wasted in waiting for someone to pick up the calls and talking with incompetent persons in your company and your contractor, 4 days off from work, 2 days totally out of AC, and much frustration and desperation!!!

Review about: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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this happened and has been happening to me as well, been 3 weeks in the middle of summer without air. Both rap heating and air and american home shield keep blaming each other instead of actually fixing the problem.


This company is a scam, and the companies it works with are scams as well!


I am living a very similar situation with AHS and it's vendors. If you're thinking about a home warranty, don't.


i had almost the same experience with those morans (AHS and total care) last year. Total care are a joke and AHS are run by high school educated crab.

it took 15 recalls and almost 3 months (June to august) and my air was not fixed..

called a local air tech and got my air running the same day. i hope they all go to *** for the *** they put us through.


Yeah, that's TOTALLY USELESS !!! Filling a complaint with the Florida attorney generals office claiming they are a SCAM !!!!! If my laundry washer and dryer broke down for the first time ever, then those repair people would fix those for me immediately!!!!!


Unfortunately the warranty companies have a tight contract with the contractors. They do not allow the contractors to do much of anything on the first visit, this is a Diagnosis, after the diagnosis has been completed there is a lot of red tape, to actually fixing a unit, then the authorization for parts is a joke..

Warranty companies make a killing on their customers, you may go 5 years paying your premiums and never request service, then you will have one problem after another and may need everything in your home under contract worked on, repaired or replaced.. Warranty companies are NOT in the business to replace, even if the contractor who was sent to your home to diagnose your AC unit says it's old, it's damaged, it's rusted. etc.. The warranty company would rather hire a shotty contractor who will blame the homeowner instead of the problem being caused by, wear and tear.

We are all so quick to blame the contracted company who comes out, however it really is NOT their fault, because authorization has to be done through said warranty company, warrant company will lie and deceive homeowner and then blame it on the contractor and the contractor is left to deal with the anger from the homeowner.I have worked in the Warranty business as a dispatcher for 5 years and I have seen it all.

It's disgusting our the greedy warranty companies treat their customers, nice to their faces, promise them the world and then screw them over later on.Save your money, whatever your premium would be just stock that money away in a bank account, you will see you really aren't saving that much money, it just seems like you are.When hiring an HVAC company, ask questions, lots of questions, do you stock parts on your truck other than filters, thermostats and freon, what is the turnaround time on parts that have to be ordered, what is the warranty on parts ordered to the customer, do your research. Ask the contractor if they do warranty work as well.


Home warranty companies and their paid performers generate a lot of gripes on this website.

I fell victim to one of them and their shoddy contractors and miserable conniving service ... delay and deny, etc.

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