Charlotte, North Carolina
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American Home Shield sent a contractor to fix my AC in August of last summer. He promptly added FREON and incorrectly pressurized the system.

It shut down! We had NO AC at all now! I called AHS!! The next contractor from AHS came out and fixed the FREON pressure and cleaned the coil - stating that would improve the air flow.

He bashed the other contractor and said AHS coaches them to spend very little time and do a minimum of work. His work did not change the air flow issue at all. I sent an online request to AHS for service in September but NEVER got a response. I turned the AC off for the winter.

When I called in February the same contractor came out and I indicated we still had air flow issues. He crawled under the house again and came out stating that NOW he had found the problem..that the blower was caked with dirt! AHS did not want to authorize this cleaning and it took him 30 minutes on the phone to get them to authorize a *** cleaning. He took the blower motor out and sprayed the fan part with cleaner - making sure he did not get the electrical parts wet.

He said to me - this is NOT how we should be doing this. Normally you put in a whole new blower not just brush and spray off the old one. AHS wanted to bill me for a $60 service fee for that visit.

They had 3 visits to my home to finally diagnosis that the blower was caked with dirt and now they want me to pay for a service call.

WHY didn't their technicians diagnosis it right the first 2 times? Why am I getting billed?

I would NEVER recommend AHS to anyone becuase they do not stand behind their contractors or care about their customers. I have promoted their plans for years being in the real estate industry - I will DILIGENTLY work to make sure they never get a dime from my friends, clients or family!

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Same problem with plumbing and AC. It took 3 visits and $250 in service fees to install correct part.

Not only are they half *** contractors, they are coached to do minimal job.

AHS needs to be shut down and better business burea is just another money making scheme. Because of AHS I have major home damage because of AC leak they will not fix.

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