Beaverton, Oregon
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I have recieved dozens, if not hundreds of spam e-mail from this company, and I block them all, but the domain names change daily, and I have asked the compamy not to send any more, to remove me, to no avail. I would never do business with them, based on this marketing strategy.

I am now pissed off at Pissed customer as I do not have 100 words to use against American Home Shield, so I will continue to type till I have 100 words, the minimum for using this site, and it is a great day here in Portland, I am now at 100...

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I have unsubscribed from these emails a million times and constantly receive them and I don't even own a home. I thought this was against the law?


I feel sorry for people who decide to hire a bunch of criminals to perform security on their home.


Am getting them in Ireland too, multiple different addresses


That is why the program "MailWasher" for Windows will send your spam back to sender as undeliverable. They have something called SpamAssin for Ubuntu.


The previous entry is right! All of you need to go go to get to the root cause of the problem!!!!!!!!!


American Home Shield (AHS) is actually owned by the ServiceMaster Companys. All ServiceMaster owned companys resort to these annoying sales tactics.

Other companies owned by ServiceMaster are TruGreen LawnCare, and Terminix Pest Contol.

All of these companys have tons of complaints lodged against them for their slimy marketing practices. :x :sigh :cry :( :upset :eek


I don't even live in the US (I live in the UK) and get dozens of these every day. doesn't even come close to these vermin who populate these mails


Can't we report them to the BBB? Harassment, multiple domain names, ect. Seems like something the BBB could help us with.


i recieve the same spam.seems to me someone from the government would check into this and as many unsatisfied customers there are i am sure they(AHS) are breaking some kind of is a shame i officials allow this to go on,maybe they are getting a cut of the profits,thats america for you. they have a law for spitting on the sidewalk but seems they can't find nothing to lock these companies rep's up for spitting on the consumers.

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