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> No surprises - It has been 72 hours since my initial request and subsequent posting, and no one has contacted me. > I have, however, contacted my real estate business acquaintances (Brokers, Realtors and Title Companies) and described my experience with American Home Shield and recommended that they not waste their valued customer's money buying an American Home Shield warranty for the buyer or the seller in real estate transactions.

> How does this company continue to remain in business?

> I looked on-line and discovered more than 1,500 (!) complaints against American Home Shield, and many were in the past 60 days. > BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE - BUYER BEWARE

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $350.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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How does AHS remain in business? It’s so easy for them to remain in business when there are literally so many idiots who will accept a home warranty instead of hardballing home sellers into new appliances when they purchase a home.

AHS invented home watranties, and there are many copycat companies that are trying to emulate the success that AHS has achieved in being the number one home warranty company on the market. They have the realtors and their contractors locked up tight. The customers just keep coming. Even when they find out what a scam a home warranty is, they renew it!

Some of their customers have been with them for 15 years or more! Sometimes the customer will switch home warranty carriers and return for more abuse from a different warranty company. It is insane, but they will never go out of business unless the realtors stop trying to keep the price of the home from being negotiated down and instead prefer negotiations to handle issues in selling a house. Also, homeowners have the ability to put a stop to home warranty companies by not buying their bogus plans.

But for every customer who gets burnt and gives up, 3 more take their place! It’s hard to find a regular paying customer anymore.


I called American Home Shield on 1/2/19 at 8:30 am to request a service Tech. to come and repair a leaking toilette causing damage to my floor.

I waited over 50 minutes to talk to someone. I was told that someone would call me within 48 hours but received no call. I called American Shield and once again waited over 40 minutes to speak with a customer service Rep. She tried to call the plumber AHS assigned to me but was unsuccessful.

She cancelled my service call, and credit card and once again re-submitted my card number. She told me if I didn't hear from anyone in 4 hours for me to call back and AHS would submit an emergency order for me to call my own plumber. I didn't hear from anyone and called back, but once again was told that my wait time would be between 30 and 52 minutes. I went online and checked the status and it said that I would be contacted by the same plumber AHS cancelled because they couldn't reach them.

My warranty cost more than $400.00. I plan to call the Better Business Bureau and the Insurance Commission if I don't get some fair treatment from American Home Shield


OMG call a dang plumber. It’s the weekend, Friday evening to be exact.

You can get your toilet fixed for a few hundred dollars. You need a working shut off valve installed so that no damage will occur in the future. If there is a clogged sewer line, seeping out from under the toilet, that is only like $139 from A Rooter franchise. It is insane the lengths you people will go to, in order to keep from having to pay a legitimate plumber.

If you call someone on Google, you can have that taken care of TONIGHT. Throw that worthless home warranty in the fireplace. All home warranty companies are garbage. They are a middleman who is not spending more on you than you on them.

If you received the home warranty from the realtors when you bought the home, well that is your loss for not negotiating further before closing, instead of accepting a worthless policy where you will be disappointed time and time again. Shut the water off to your home, and get on the phone and call a local small business plumber. Pay the man and move on.

Learn from your mistakes. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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