After objecting to the service provider they sent them anyway. The 1st "technician" came ill prepared to fix my problem.

I needed to be rescheduled. Did I mention he was coming to unstop multiple lines. The bathroom sink and tub would not drain and flushing the toilet resulted in a back up into the tub. Oh, to compound my problem I only have the one bathroom.

When I first called to get service the response was and remained, someone will reach out to you in 24-48 hours to schedule an appt. They gave me the ph# and told me I could call myself which I did but this led to a useless series of voice mails and dead end mailboxes. Upon obtaining a 2nd ph# for this stellar company I was greeted by a seperate automated voice that referred me to the same # that AHS gave me. Did I mention that the initial phone call greeting was a voice mailbox that still had pre Christmas messaging on it.

Thats what prompted me to look up thier rating. After calling the company with my concerns, when they finally sent someone, yep you guessed it, they sent the company with the BBB "F" rating. I won't even go into the rationale I was offered over the phone when I questioned the wisdom of doing business with a company with a known BBB "F" rating but it made about as much sense as what was to come when the 2nd tech showed up with what appeared to be the proper tools. He was by no means a plumber but I will not beat on him for this because he hasn't all that much to do with this other than to create the catch 22 that resulted in me paying to get my drains unclogged.

Mind you these companies go into this taking premiums with full knowledge of the properties they are insuring. My house was built in '52. Now here's the kick, three days w/o a shower and two days without a functioning toilet or sink and this guy after a meanial attempt to remove the clean out trap cover tells me he's afraid he'll break the cap taking it off and maybe even the pipe. Mind you the service provider is of thier choice, the "F" team.

He tells me the only way around this delemna is to unseat the commode. I say cool, I'm all for it. Oh, he says, the insurer doesn't pay for this it'll cost $375. I'm like get them on the phone.

He tells the lady adjuster he's afraid he'll break the cap. She tells him that's okay, they'll pay for a new cap. He tells her he could also break the pipe. Oh says she, that would be on the home owner.

So she gives him permission to break the cap but if he goes to far the potentially more expensive repair falls to me. So when I questioned her about this she said that wasn't what she said, she didn't know she was on speaker, she said then she would just deny the whole claim. Now it seems to me if you ensure someone and they are in this business, you know what your insuring, and in this case they cover stoppage they should unclog the stoppage by whatever means possible. It's not like I get to choose the service provider.

When I suggested she send a competent plumber to my home to remove the trap cover her response was that it would not matter who she sent they would say the same thing about the old pipe in my house. Further evidence that they are aware of what they are insuring when they accept your premium for a service they actively seek to shirk responsibility for when the time comes to make good. Taking the commide off is not too big a deal but again you don't know what your going to find. After removing the toilet, 5 min.

Max. It did take some doing to clean the clog. All three were badly clogged a result of the renovating contractors washing paint, spackle and grout down the drains. I wouldn't give either company a passing grade.

This is not my first experience with American Home Shield and the contractors they send do the absolute minimum.

Did I mention they saw nothing urgent about my problem and I was reminded it was a Sunday afterall. Apparently not being able to use your only toilet and sewer water in your bathroom don't warrant urgency.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Homeowners Policy Claim.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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