Bronx, New York

American Home Shield sends me numerous spam emails every day - not just every once in a while, but multiple ones every single day. The emails have somehow bypassed my hotmail spam filter.

I called American Home Shield, and a "customer service agent" informed me that since I was not a customer, she could not prevent me from receiving these emails. I WILL NEVER BE A CUSTOMER OF A COMPANY THAT SENDS OUT THESE TYPES OF EMAILS, INVADES MY PRIVACY, WASTES MY TIME AND *** ME OFF. HELP!

How else can you get your email removed? I believe a third party marketing firm sends these emails out, but I have no idea how to remove my email from their list, since I am not sure what the company is.

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I logged into servicemaster and then into contact list, I created my own list of contact names, now whenever I receive one of their e mails, I forward it them, including their investors, this should get someone to pay attention!


I was going to go with American Home Shield, but I agree, their practices of sending unwanted e mail is enough to turn me away. I have received 100's of unwanted e mail since accessing this company, I would never recommend anyone to enter their website!!!


I unsubscribe daily. The emails don't stop. I have started forwarding the emails to:

That's the link on their unsubscribe page.


I am having the same trouble and I do not know what to do. I am in California, and I also called the company that said they couldn't help me because I was not a customer.

Their system is going around my blocking and their stop email feature is dead. I am so frustrated.


Try going around American Home Shield by contacting their parent-company ServiceMASTER trough their website at


Their unsubscribe link is a DEAD LINK! I am constantly being bombarded with their flyers. What they are doing is illegal and I am not happy.


I figured Id come here to check this out. Basically I lost count of how many emails I have recieved from this company, but trust they keep coming.

I block the address daily but they change their email addresses so fast it doesnt seem to help.

I wish they would stop. I dont even OWN A HOME, I DONT NEED THIS MESS.

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