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On Memorial Day, MaY 28th, 2012, I placed an emergency call to American Home Shield for a central air conditioning unit that was leaking from the attic into my bedroom ceiling. They sent a technician out who stated that the coil was rusted out and had to be replaced. He ordered the part from the manufacturer and stated it would be about 7 days until the part came in.

It is now July 10th, 44 days later, and I have been calling AHS and spent hours and hours on hold, only to be told that there is no "ETD" (estimated time of delivery) from this manufacturer. I find it hard to believe that they are the "only" distributor that can supply that part. Since the unit is over 13 years old, it is not manufactured any longer and the part has to be custom made. With no ETD, what do you think my chances are of getting this part? I live in NJ and we have been hit with record-breaking heat waves and severe storms -- which means I have to close the windows and rely solely on my ceiling fans.

If they cannot repair this unit, they should replace it. My case has been sent to a researcher in Customer Relations and no one has contacted me yet and it's been over a week. No one from AHS has ever followed up to call me.

AHS offered me a "buyout" which means that they will pay me whatever they were going to pay the technician to repair the unit. If I were to accept that offer, I would have to find my own repair company, but if the manufacturer cannot supply the part, then I would have to replace the unit -- at my expense. What's wrong with this picture??????

This is an unsafe situation, due to the heat. I am 67 years old, I have asthma, I have a heart condition, I have sleep apnea. I do animal rescue and my dogs are also suffering from the heat. AHS has authorized $100 to purchase a fan. I have bought 2 tower fans for my dogs.

I am going into the hospital for major surgery on August 7th and will be coming home here to recuperate -- without any air conditioning on my upper floor. In addition, my home has a Contract of Sale on it and will not pass an inspection without the unit working, so I may lose that contract because of AHS inaction.

My next step is to have my lawyer intervene. Isn't there anyone else that can help???

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Make, model and age of machine needed to provide sourcing info. You can buy these parts from wholesalers or there are substiture parts.

Just because they can't sell an entire roof condenser unit/fan coil doesn't mean that you can buy "just" the coil, because you can. $250 typically for a 2 ton coil for inside. If the drip pan needs replacing, $65-$115. The drip pan can be replaced by anyone, not just an HVAC guy.

4 screws, some PVC and adapters. Units vary though. By the way - if the "coil" was rusted out, the unit would not be cooling.

Sounds like a drip pan (Max $115 for the part - for a 3 ton). Make friends with the HVAC guy at a local apartment complex...probably certified and licensed for side work.


File a complaint with the BBB, and the FTC. They will definitely follow up with the case.

I had a similar problem and they TOLD me to wait +2 days to get a tech out to me. I said I had already been calling them 2 days, and asked if they had any other person to service my a/c, and they told me, if it's not over 105F, you'll have to wait.

I pay them to tell me to hold? I cancelled and they are taking their sweet time to send me my reimbursement check.


The problem isn't just with AHS. You need to go after their parent company "ServiceMaster" as well.

ServiceMaster also ownes TruGreen Lawn Care and Terminix Pest Control.

All of the ServiceMaster "Family of Brands" are very unethical in the way they all do business!! :eek


They are a bogus company who is leaching and gettting rich off of homeowners they deserve to be sued! Not for pennies but billions!!

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