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Recently renewed policy despite being unhappy in the past... found out their premium has gone WAY up (DOUBLE!) supposedly to cover additional issues (additional coverage that had caused us to be denied in the past).

Called about a leaky toilet and was confirmed that it was covered. However their technition claims it was improperly installed (news to me, we've lived here 20 years and it hasnt leaked before) Improper installation is supposed to be covered... but they are denying it based on "pre-existing condition". How can you cover "improper installation" but then deny it if it is pre-existing if you don't do an inspection before you take my money??

Everything in my house has been installed (properly or improperly) BEFORE I purchased the policy. So how can you cover improper installation and then deny based on pre-existing???

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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AHS parent company is Service Master. They're a very shady, crooked company to do business with.

Service Master also ownes Terminix Pest Control and TruGreen Lawn Care.

And these companies have just as many problems and complaints filed against them too. Just stay away from any company that is part of Service Master's "'Family of Brands"'

For more info see www.ripoffreport.com


Correction: I called twice to get denial in writing.


I too have AHS and have a problem with them denying a service request. Have called twice to get this request in writing.

First time received nothing, 2nd time got a copy of my contract--red flag. I also have legal insurance, called my legal firm and they will be contacting AHS on my behalf.

Here is the site where I got my legal insurance from www.prepaidlegal.com/info/nhannah. Call them if you have questions.


Extremely deceptive people. Train you to rip off customers.

Treat employees like dirt. Reverse discrimination at it's best in the LaGrange, GA office.

I had one of these warranties many years ago but WOULD NOT go near this company after having worked there. Get you an attorney and sue them.

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