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In December 2015, my home thermostat was not working properly,( we were unable to schedule different temperatures during the day). Furnace Doctor Inc was the contractor designated, They claimed our Wall wires from the system to our thermostat were broken and also claim our thermostat was not working and changed for a new one.

AHS contact us and said our warranty did not cover the rewiring. The contractor (furnace doctor) suggested to pay our pocket for a wireless system. (over $1,000.00).

We hired and independant electrician to verify the condition of the wires. They reported every single wire appear to be in perfect condition, there was nothing wrong that they could find. The electrician even contacted Furnace Doctor to ask about the finding and try to figure out the problem, but Furnace Doctor did not give an explanation and we were not able to further contact them.

AHS was notified and they claim they were not going to pay for any expenses and instead the suggested to obtain a second opinion, paying again $75.00 for a new contractor to diagnose the problem again. A new contractor contact us, after they heard we were trying to proof Furnace Doctor Scam, they decline to come to provide the service and AHS did not follow up.

April 4, 2016 we have submitted a new request for service because the outside temperature start to rise and we needed to start using Cooling from our AC, but only warm air was coming from our ducts despite the thermostat was on cooling.

Alpha Heating was the new contractor, they came and verify the system, and found out all wires are working properly but the thermostat installed (brand New) by Furnace doctor, is not working. They suggested to change to a new thermostat and are sending the request to AHS.

In Summary, now we have spend $75.00 in December and $75.00 in April, Plus $100.00 on electrician. They had replace our thermostat for a new defective one and still have no AC.

I have contact AHS several times and explain my anger and frustration towards the service, I requested to be reimburse for my initial expenses but I only hear I am sorry there is nothing we can do!

Today we have no working AC despite and expensive home Warranty with AHS and there is no time frame when the repair or exchange of thermostat will be made.

We are considering file an official complain with Attorney General of Washington in hopes AHS will provide the services and do the right thing!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Air Conditioner Warranty.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

American Home Shield Cons: Lacks follow through, False information given, Poor business practice.

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AHS is a piece of ***. They hire "bottom feeders".

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