Savannah, Georgia
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We bought a home with a one year warranty from ahs.The ac started to have trouble in june.It would only cool the house to 81 degrees and never cut off.We called ahs and they sent there provider out 4 days later that i payed for 75.00 bucks he cleaned it. That did not work.We called and after being on hold for 45min again said they would send there guy back out.7 days later he came back and concluded that the out side unit needs to be replaced.We called and on hold for ever they said they need second opinion.They sent same guy out a week later he cleaned it again no change.Every time we call its 30 min to one hour and you have to explain and its like starting over.They say need second opinion.They sent the same guy 5 times each time its 5 to 7 days.I told them you keep sending the same guy.They said they would send someone else in about 5 days.Mean while i called 5 star company that came here in one hour on sunday to check system and they said its the outside unit.So when ahs ac provider showed up he told me it was my vents and thats not covered.I told him the vents worked fine before. SO he Changed his tune and agreed with first tech that it is the out side unit.American home shield say need second opinion from different provider.I said its been 3 months do you no what your doing.They sent a different provider and this guy says its my ducks he is totally in the tank for ahs.Ahs calls and left me a message that my ducks arnt covered.They gave me that message right about the time hurricane Mathew that am done dealing with that am going to let them have it.


Product or Service Mentioned: Air Conditioner Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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