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I am cancelling my contract with this money hungry company. If you have any air conditioning problems or gas problems they will not help you.

You will still be financially obligated to repair those items. The technician from Myers will come to your home stay fôr five minutes write up an invoice, tell you they will be back the following week, take your 75.00, and become a ghost. You will find yourself calling them and AHS to see what is going on. They then are going to quote you an out of pocket price of over a1000.00 dollars.

They knew this from the start. AHS warrenty is a joke and that is exactly how they will try to play you too.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Montgomery, Alabama

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They tried to do that to me. Said my freon was empty and left within three minutes.

A friend had told me there was *** in the line and the compressor was bad. I refused to pay the $75 and kicked the guy off my property. Called for a second opinion and was told no. Told the rep I would file suit for breach of contract and Walla second opinion verified whole in the line and a bad compressor.

I'm canceling my plan when it expires next month. They can kiss my ***

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