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Hello I am currently in a situation with Ahs I reported my heat pump not working properly back in January they got back to me with a contractor that wld be coming out in the next week and tht the contractor would contact me with an appt time they did and all was going good until appt time came and went with no sight of contractor after making several phone calls trying to find out what was going on I received a TEXT message from the corrector stating they wld not be coming and I could reschedule or find another contractor beings I was leaving the next day for a week due to a death in the family a reschedule would be fine till the next Thursday when I returned home. Thursday came appt time came and no one and no call almost 2 hrs later contractor showed up.

Completely unprofessional, poorly dressed and frankly rude automatically gets out of his truck talking about how r house was so far and he didn't want anything to do with coming way out here and what a inconvenience it was for him, but we r trying to still be polite. So as his girlfriend waits in the truck we start to explain to him what the problem is, he walks around talking his head off about this and that, arms all over, rambling. High out of his mind and very obvious about it. He never once looked at anything or tried to c what was wrong never even turned the heat pump on only listened to what we had told him which was that the emergency heat would not work and it ran constantly.

We r not contractors nor hvac specialists so we do not know what's wrong with it. The only thing this guy looked at was the date on the side of the outside unit which stated the unit is 25 yrs old he then said it needs to b replaced without ever getting a tool out. Then said he would have to get approval from the warranty company so he can proceed and he would get back with us. 4 days go by and still no call from anyone I then call Ahs to ask for update and they tell me contractor has never called them that they would call him to c what's going on.

By next morning (Tuesday) I receive a very rude TEXT (which I have saved) from contractor stating I should have never called Ahs then I still didn't hear anything else till Friday when Ahs called me to say they denied my claim because my unit has missing parts (what?) I call them back and argue that my unit does not have missing parts how is that possible when it's been running this whole time and still running now they told me they would request a missing parts list from contractor I said I want second opinion then they told me they have no more contractors in my area at all to come out so thts not possible (let me say I'm in a huge area next to va tech collage we r not lacking contractors) after several calls they told me in last week of February that he has now changed the diagnosis and my heat would need a defrost unit (bull ***) I then had my own contractor a local reputable company come out on march 1st 2016 my heat pump does not have missing parts and does not need a defrost unit the problem is it's age it's worn out everything is going out and it's in need of complete replacement i have the estimate from them. Called Ahs back to inform them and c if they had heard from contractor ( waiting on price for defrost unit still) now contractor claims it may need more but he has yet to physically look at my heat pump. Still waiting in dead winter no heat or emergency heat with 2 kids and no money to have unit replaced if I had that kind of money I wouldn't have a home warranty at all. This is my first experience with a home warranty and so far it's awful.

Please help not sure what to do but there is no way they should be allowed to do this to ppl with their bad contractors and rude costumer service every call they r so rude like having no heat is not a big deal. We have had temperatures in the negatives and up to 2 feet of snow on the ground heat is a must.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Flintstone, Maryland

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Issue still not resolved AHS approved to have some parts replaced said contractor would contact me (ya right) thts been nearly two weeks ago and nothing I've tried to call several times with no call back from AHS or contractor.

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