Last July 2015 American Home Sheild contracted with a company called Coastal Mechanical located in Delaware to fix or replace my air conditioning unit at my home. The company decide that the unit had to be replaced for which they did. The first problem which took this company over 2 months to do was to replace a defective compressor for which the owner Danny said was sent by AHS. I found out approximately 9 months later that the contracted company is the one that supplied the compressor. Rick (the technician) came out and installed the compressor in or about the beginning of October which means that it was now winter. I had no air conditioning the entire summer and the temperature was brutal.

The second issue was now it is winter which means that the freeon that Rick was supposed to put in the new unit could not be proprely tested and he would have to come back when the weather was warm to make sure that the proper amount was installed.

I called coastal in april of 2016 and was informed by Danny (the owner) that he was not sending anyone back to my house because AHS did not pay him for the compressor.

I called AHS to place a service order and was told that I owed $75 for a service call to coastal. I did not owe that money at all. But, AHS assumed that the contractor was right for which he was not. If they had checked my records they would have seen that I was a customer for 20 years and had never owed any contractor that came to my home.

I needed to have someone to come out to put freeon in the AC unit today (May 27,2016) and had to pay $114 for 3 lbs of freeon for which I paid Coastal mechanical approximately $700 for which was charged in the overall bill of $3500 to replace the new unit.

The contractor today told me that I was grossly overcharged on all levels.

When I called AHS today they said I had to call the Coastal Mechanical and take it up with them. I called and spoke to the owner (Danny), his words to me before he hung up the phone on me were "you finally paid for something ***".

I advise AHS not to use this company again.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Store Location: Baltimore, Maryland

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