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Purchased a digitcal washer and dryer from Sears in addition to American Home Shield insurance coverage. Washer stopped working.

Called in for repair American home shield sent out a serviceman. Parts had to be orderd and it came it still took a while for a repair man to come back.once he came back, he was unable to get the tub out the broken washer and he tried harder and ended up breaking it more. He called it in and was told to pack u the new parts and sit them out on my driveway and uos or fed ex would ick them up. It sat there for over two weeks before someone came to get them.

I still remained in contact with american home shield and was told i had to go out and purchase a new washer and they would re_emburse me. I am not able to purchase a new washer however, i faithfully pay my monthly fees for insurance coverage on my broken washer and dryer and still tooo this date i have not gotten any results. I have asked for a manager and corprate number and each tims i am told their is no corporate. So upset.

In addition, i was told, i would not receive full cooverage or price for my apliances only a partial fee. My appluances are still fairly new. American home shield have proven to be, not fair and certainly not true. This in my oinion is a scam.

If anyone has additionall information that could assist me ingetting my situation resolve please, i beg of you to reach out or provide me with some type of resolution. Thank you in advance

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I have seen many people in online complaint forums reporting their troubles with the new computerized washers so when I needed a new washer I decided to stick with an older model with no computerization. My Whirlpool washer works beautifully and I know if it ever needs repair it's easy to take care of as they are basically quite simple machines designed to last. I won't be needing another washer for years to come and that gives me peace of mind.

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