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I requested repair 4 times, refused coverage 3 times with crazy warranty exclusion like normal wear on broken refrigerator door hinge, broken drawers, water damage on electronic components on a pool system and with the AC the company would cover some work for a condenser but would have a add on charge of $1040 for "MODIFICATIONS". This company is a scam, time for another class action suit, nothing has changed since they lost the last case. I...
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My refrigerator had gone out on a Saturday night and I called AHS Sunday morning to report it. They found a repairman on Tuesday only to say he didn't do that type of repairs . They kept me waiting for over a week because they could not find anyone to service my unit. I attempted to call them to see what the problem was and they kept me on hold for 2 1/2 hours. I finally got upset and tired of living out of 3 ice chest so I cancelled my...
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My mother's refrigerator door broke on March 29th 2016 called them on April 1st 2016 and they are still giving us the run around about finding the screw and it's two weeks later, we had to put our food in coolers and buy ice and this is still going on as of Now. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, my mother has been with this company for over 18 years and the same thing happen with her stove and hot water heater. AHS is in business to Rip off...
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Anonymous You called AHS to replace a 'screw' on a refrigerator door??? No wonder they are taking their time. Instead of buying Ice and Coolers, why don't you go to a Lowes or Home De...


rollo2016 Why waste money on these "insurance" things? They are almost never worth the money you spend on them in premiums. Just buy an appliance with no bells and whistles for a reason...

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1- I have a subzero, the refrigerator stopped cooling properly about Mid of Oct 2015. 2- I contacted AHS, First contractor I was assigned to called me and said he does not work on Subzero brand. ( This is already over one week between time I called AHS and made an appointment with the contractor, and contractor called me to come over- They claim to have a large network of contractors, but they assigned someone who does not work on the brand I...
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