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4/16/08 I report a non working hot water recirculating pump.ASH subcontracts pr plumming to send a plummer and inspect the pump.. after his inspection he calls ASH and reports that the punp has been impacted and the case is cracked .. wich resulted is the failier of the pump.

Keep in mind the plummer did not even open the pump to check and see if it is acually working.. and because of his so called educated and certified guess ASH decided to deny the claim. and on top of that wants me to pay the unprofessional plummer for his services...

Beware.. having AHS does not gurantee that they will take care of any failing parts instead they will find any reason to deny a claim...

After several unsuccessful conversations with several ASH rep's including supervisors.. i was no where.. still no hot water through out the house .. I went to the local plumming distributor and bought a new pump for 275.00 plus 45.00 in new fittings.. and about a couple of hours of my time.. walla its done .. 2 weeks later i get a bill from ASH to pay for that plummers inacurrate findings about my old pump... so naturally i was pissed... so here is what i did. Since i installed the new pump i was able to figure out how this little thing works... i reached for my old pump and cleaned all the calcium deposts inside and gess what it works.. no problem... now i got grounds to call AHS back and tell them what an *** the plummer was... but still they insisted I pay for the plummers services... what a business ... !!!!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Here is some tips: call back and ask to be connected to your local AHS rep. They can help you out, offer personal service and get/clarify questions and answers! If cust service cant, call a realty comp and ask them who the rep is.

And.... you can request a 2nd opinion!

Also, go online and read the contract! Like all other warranties, see what is and isnt covered. I have WONDERFUL experiences with AHS and WOULD NOT use anything else!

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