Perry, Georgia
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During the summer early June the blower motor on furnace went out, thus no air conditioning. American Home Shield (AHS) sent out their contracted service company to repair.

First visit determined furnance needed new blower motor.

Second visit several days later showed up with wrong blower motor.

Third visit installed blower motor, but when reconnected controler board, it had been removed to get to blower, there was now no power to furnance.

Had to get with AHS and pay another $75 for an electrican to come check electrical power issue.

Electrican showed me that there was power to the furnance but it was not properly connected inside. AHS said would refund $75 service fee for electrican.

Fouth visit - corrected improper wiring, but blower did not work. After a while technican got blower moter working. Later I noticed the blower in the basement seemed louder than before and when I checked the air flow out of the vent it was just bearly flowing. Thus, it wasn't working correctly as we had first thought.

Fifth visit - technican worked for an hour or so at end of day could not get the blower and air flow to work right and decided to call it a day. He left, we comlained and hour later he return and after about 40 minutes got everything working.

A month with no AC. It is now end of Oct and have still not received refund despite dozens of calls.

This past weekend we turned the termostate to heat and turned it on. Circuit breaker popped and the furance was dead.

AHS send different company to repair. This technican indicated board was fried due to improver wiring.

So they won't fix it as is was caused by improper rewiring of the previous service company. Now, we are waiting for previous company to come out. We pleaded with AHS not to send out the first company as their work was incompentent but they would not accommodate our request.

Once this is resolved I'll be canceling our coverage with AHS as I don't think they will ever refund the service charges they said they would and did not seem to care about the poor service being provided to us.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Customer Care.

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Whatever you do, run as fast as you can from AHS. This company will take your money and you will have nothing but a bunch of headaches and frustration dealing with them.

Supposely they patched up my central unit for six years and when the unit finally went out they refused to pay to replace it. For six years they patched and held it together with spit and bubblegum. The reason why they refused to pay for the new unit is they discovered I had a 4 watt fuse instead of a 2 watt fuse in my fuse box that had been there since I purchased the house six years earlier.

This company is horrible. The contractors work for them so they look out for AHS not th customer.

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