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had a quality heating & cooling to do bi annual service on a/c. He cleaned the coils, cleaned drains & checked the freon.

One unit was a little low. This was may 18th. I did not have any cooling probelms, then I call AHS to check about the low on freon issue and they send oxford air out. ben likely pokes *** in the evap cooler with a nail then now there's a leak.

he collects our check & leaves, without telling us that he has a) turned the unit off, b) not identified the problem, or c) has not called in to report the issue to AHS, leaving us without air for 12 days so far. AHS for ten years, will not renew, do not reccomend them at all.

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AHS need to deal with another heating and air company because Oxford is full of lies.


I'm 13 days without air. Oxford is the worst ever!!!! Also looking into legal action!!!


Been without air for about a month. Combination of American Home Shield and Oxford not doing their job!

Very upset with this whole process. Still not resolved & it's 100 degrees in Ga.

I'm looking at legal action against them all. I've spent too much not to have something fixed.


I can't believe that AHS still uses Oxford Heating and Air, after all the complaints. I reported Oxford Heating and Air to the BBB and I also wrote a really bad review on their Facebook page. After doing that, they fixed my AC unit within a few days; and accepted my check, as payment, after telling me they only accept cash.


I have been with AHS for three years now and before oxford they were with action air. My air was not working in 10/2012 they watered the a/c unit down called it fixed.

Winter came and I didn't need the a/c but next July it was not working...they came out again and took the vents out and hosed them down and said it was fixed. It was not. They came out again and put more refrigerant in and called it fixed. Another winter went by, didn't use the a/c but this last winter was full of ice storms and my heat was constantly on AUX I didn't know what that meant.

Then I had gotten 400 energy bills. I called them out again in April and they had Oxford come out. We have a bad compressor...has been bad for a long time. The refrigerant was covered when I initially called for services, now its costing me an extra 650 on top of the other repairs.

The company would not take any responsibility for the contractors they have been using. I will not renew with them.


This is absolutely the worse company I have ever dealt with. We called AHS spring of 2013 and they sent Oxford out.

Find out their home office is 3 hours from Augusta and they said they were local this was the first warning sign. The come out and said we needed a new air handler,we pay the $75 copay to AHS and like others on here they come up with non covered cost and disposal fees of about $500 dollars. They install the air handler in the attic and leave with the air running and later the compressor outs Ide freezes over so had to call again in the mean time we went in the attic and where they applied the mastic it looked like our 1 year old granddaughter did it. I called my nephew that did hvac and determined the air handler and freon the installed was not compatible with the older compressor outside so a new air handler had to be put in.

Got that in then it blows the breaker over and over, so the install two different thermostats and finally get it working all this was dealing with no show appointments and dealing with incompetent office personel this took about a month to resolve. The last person out said he had to bypass something that changes the unit from heat to air and he would be back in a few days to put it on. Time to turn the heat on and still no one here, call again, he finally come out. Now here it is time to turn the air on and you guessed it,no air only heat!!

So here we go again. Nicole hung up on me when I told here they were the worse company I ever dealt with and told me that was my opinion, looks like it is not just my opionin.

So wonder what will happen tomorrow. Was told if it was something not fixes wouldn't have to pay the copay but if something new it would have to ge paid bet I know what they will say


I lease a home in Brunswick, GA while stationed in Alaska. I have had an inordinate amount of service calls within the last six months.

I finally hired an independent HVAC contractor, who verified Oxford's poor and faulty service repairs, all at a significantly lower price, almost several hundred dollars less than what Oxford bills. My recommendation is that you file a complaint with the BBB, especially if you are in the military.


Thank you!


just had ahs send oxford out to my home to check my air handler, told that coils leaked, ahs had my trane system replaced with a carrier. once they hooked it up was charge 560.00 for mastic, sealant and disposal fee.

on the first night it shut off and did not come back on, called them back out they did not seal the ducting to handler,called them back was told that it will not cool my space because of a large window in the room, bs!! do not let these guys in your home still finding problems.


Our AC went out Monday, July 1. American Home Shield sent Air Design air conditioning and heating to fix the problem.

The technician said a valve was leaking and he could replace it for $225 (included freon). AHS said Air Design told them there was a part missing which they would not cover and that it would cost $495! How could a part be missing? AC has worked fine for over 7 years and a part is missing?

AHS said they'd send another company for a second opinion. On July 5th Oxford Heating and Air technician, Carlos, said the evaporator cooler needed to be cleaned because it was causing a restriction to the freon. He said he would have to call it in to his supervisor and to AHS. I heard nothing from anyone the rest of the day.

I called Oxford and was told they have 48 hours to call AHS. Two business days. The next day was Saturday. Why would you wait 2 business days to call in a work order?

Where's the since of urgency? Where's the customer service? We had to go three more days without AC! AHS finally called me on Monday, July 8th.

She told me the evap. coil cleaning, capturing and replacing freon would cost $985 but they wouldn't cover it because it was caused by lack of maintenance. Oh, *** no! I got the AC guy from work to come look at it.

He said the motor needed to be replaced and that it would cost me $325! He said the evap. coils were fine and don't need to be cleaned. He also said the freon was little low but that it was fine.

Air Design and Oxford Heating and Air only wanted my money.

They weren't even going to fix my problem!


Can anyone help me?

Oxford Heating and Air is assigned replace my AC evaporator coil (over $700 in non covered fees). I have called both AHS and Oxford numerous times and still no results.

Family has been without air for several weeks and the temp gets to 95 degrees inside home. Each call to AHS results in "we will call them".

Today Oxford would not answer the phone (Surprise) I still don't have any air and it is June 2013 in metro Atlanta GA. Pray for us (senior citizens) that we don't die from heat exhaustion.


I called them today. It took a couple of tries, but finally spoke with someone around 3:30 pm.

My mother has the same problem. I told her to keep calling.


Scheduled appointment with Oxford Heating and Air to replace my AC compressor. There was no discussion about a disposal fee or an acceptable method of payment.

I have always paid for service through AHS using a check without any problems. When the service employee comes (Saturday) to install, he tells me that there is a disposal fee of $150. I am confused because this is the first time I'm hearing about a disposal fee. Servicer calls his office and knocks $50 off price.

Servicer then tells me he needs to collect the payment before installs compressor. I ask to speak to manager, and servicer says he can't give out number. I have servicer call manager. Instead of handing my the phone he walks away and talks to manager for about 2 minutes.

He hands me his phone and manager says it's company policy to collect payment before service begins. I ask for a copy of company policy. That's when the yelling match begins. All I wanted was a copy of the company policy.

Manager tell me that she can hand write that information and fax to me on Monday. I told her no and requested copy of actual company policy. I tell manager that I have a check here waiting to pay when servicer is ready to haul off the compressor. She tell me that they only accept cash for non-covered service.

I didn't have $100 cash in house. Manager tells me that if I don't have cash, then service will not be performed. Family has been without air for over a month and temp gets to 90 degrees in home. Manager wouldn't even work with me or make an exception.

It was their fault since they did not explain any policy or procedure when appointment was set. I still don't have any air and it is June 2013 in Southeast GA.


You need to register a complaint with the BBB. Additionally, go to the Georgia State Attorney General's Office of Consumer Protection and register a complaint.

I have filed both against Oxford Heating and Air.

I am a US Army Major stationed in Alaska and I currently lease a home in Brunswick, GA. I hired an independent contractor to verify Oxford's repair diagnosis, and it appears that I have been fleeced by that company.


Called AHS was told you would call to set up an inspection appointment NLT Wednesday. When may I expect your call? AHS Account 169566

Chuck Drown

MSgt Ret.

145 Bremerton Drive SW

Huntsville AL 35824



You have to check RipOff Report & BBB on this co. There are tons of bad reviews so I won't use them Funny how they have 2 addresses.

The current one is in Covington, GA 69.4 miles from my property. I am being proactive & trying to check out the hvac co's 1st because AHS finds the cheapest vendor. They are often not licensed but work under someone who is. Very few of their contractors are competent or sensitive to your needs.

I usually have to argue with them to get the job completed correctly. Be specific, time, date & write down everything you are told & by whom!!!


Sounds like the same MO. I have not had air all summer.

Called several times -- they came out and said I had to pay over $500 non-covered portion.

AHS and Oxford Heating are a joke. When this is resolved that's it for me with both of them.

@K. Smith

Did you have to pay the $500 in cash and before they began service?


The second company that AHS sent out to repair my A/C was Oxford too. They took $510 for non-covered service.

No A/C for two months. Third company called in this week.

AHS can't seem to get a cost for a compressor. I guess another month without A/C in the hottest summer in 50 years.


I got the Insurance cause it was highly recommended. My microwave went out and a guy came out looked thru the grids with a little flashlight and said he would report his findings.

Did not say anything else. A couple days later AHS called and said that microwave was not covered cause it had already been fixed by someone other than. I fought with them and they said they would send someone else out to see it but that I would have to pay 60.00 again and depending on what they said AHS did not cover it.

Of course they sent out someone with the same outcome our microwave is a 1800.00 Kenmore unit and was not covered. We were out 120.00 and We had to but a new one

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