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The preventative maintenance plan is a hoax. The person they sent out could not speak english and finished my inspection in 15 minutes.

I have a 6000 sq ft home with two units. My wife eventually figured out he was saying we need a filter, which she immediately purchased and had him install. When he left the system would not go off. We went through a horrible time trying to explain the situation to AHS.

They initially told us the would send out a technician to fix the problem and we would be charged the $64 fee. A technician came out two days later and informed us the preventative maintenance person had not inspected anything based on his observations.

When I requested a refund from AHS they gave me a email address to write to and request a refund. Doubt if I have any luck there.

Monetary Loss: $139.

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One way of recourse, is to file a complaint with AHS Parent Company at www.servicemaster.com


I have had AHS for quite some time. I just had my thermostat go out on my heating system.

It was replaced for for their service fee. I have found it well worth the money. My sister likes hers, too.

However, I just got a call about the preventative maintenance plan. I had to do it right then, give a credit card number, etc.

I called the guy who put in the thermostat and found out he does preventative for a $90 fee. They want to charge $18.25/year=$219 so I can call someone out twice a year. No thanks. I didn't like the rush.

I had to do it then, on the phone. How do I know who they are? She asked if I wanted a supervisor to verify who they are. How?


Will keep my original plan. That's it.


I have been with AHS for 13 years and they have been excellent! But, what you need to do is when you find a company that does a great job, make sure you ALWAYS ask for them so you don't get someone you don't have a clue about.

You have to work their plan with good companies. Some are average at best!

I have have made more than my money back from them thru replacement of water heaters and full air conditioner/condensor units.


It's a fraud, keep your money. I'm determined to get mine back.


I found this it be an excellent plan. pM tech spent 2.5 hours and clean a TON of hair out of my drier.

INSIDE where I can not get to.

Well worth the monry! JP


I experienced I similar problem with my recent AHS preventive service. While the technician spoke english, it was obvious that he was new to the trade.

I have a 2 unit system. He wrapped up the inspection in 15 minutes. As he was headed out, I stopped him and asked why he didn't look at the furnances (he only inspected the pumps outside).

He indicated as long as they are running they are fine and there isn't anything for him to really do with them. I like my AHS warranty, but the preventive maintenance is a waste.

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