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I'm going into 3 weeks of no water heater after AHS sent a contractor out. The contractor called me the day after they were here and told me they'd submitted the report & the ball was in AHS' court.

They urged me to call them. I did. AHS said they didn't get a report and put me on hold, saying they were calling the contractor. Said they'd follow up with me.

Next day? "We can't directly contact the contractor." and said they'd follow up. It's been two weeks. They have said everything but done nothing and only after I hounded them.

What have they said? "We'll call in 24 hours." Then when I called because they hadn't: "We actually usually handle the cash-outs in 24 to 48 hours." Called in 48 hours: "Someone should be calling you soon!" 72 hours: "Someone should have called you. Someone will!" I put my foot down. But it produced only more insane verbiage, telling me that it hadn't been 48 hours yet.

I got them to confirm I had called (again, first call was 5/8) Monday, 5/18. Then I asked them how 5/21, Thursday, was not 48 hours. "Well, Monday was a holiday." Me: "Oh. What holiday was it?" "Memorial Day." Me: "No, that's coming up." "Hold please." That's just a taste of it.

I've been told that they don't document things. I needed some indication of how they had arrived at the shabby cash-out. Nope. "We don't document things." I have to trust their word.

They'll send x amount (way under value) as soon as I pay the contractor I choose since the one they chose couldn't get me a water heater for 2 to 3 more weeks. Those were my options: Wait 2 to 3 more weeks or accept a low cash-out. And put up with lies, damned lies and more lies while suffering all kinds of obstruction. The contractor sent the report not once, not twice but another time over the phone while AHS was all "Oh, they won't send it.

They didn't send it. We don't have it. We'll call you." I had to pull the information for how a cash-out process works out of the last csr who was rude, dismissive and dim. But hey, they understand our frustration.

Oh and when I tried to get names, it took 10 to 15 minutes of hold time. I call a local plumber. Tell them my story. Tell them how unique my water heater is.

Their supplier has 2 on hand and they'll be here tomorrow, first thing. I paid monthly to find out that AHS isn't there for you if there's any real difficulty and that's exactly what I paid them for. Crooks. Filed a complaint with the BBB.

We'll see where that goes.

I loathe them now. They took tons of money and this is the "service" I get when it's a challenge.

Reason of review: This is poor business service overall. Not poor Customer Service. You train them to lie, stall and obfuscate and you know it..

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

American Home Shield Pros: Contractors rock.

American Home Shield Cons: Intentional delay, Deceit.

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Agreed completely. These blood suckers need to be held accountable for taking money and doing NOTHING.

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