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From late June through late July, 2010, my home's air conditioning system did not work. I had an AHS warranty. AHS contracted with Jackson Mechanical of Goose Creek, SC for the needed repairs. Jackson Mechanical and AHS took an entire month, with temperatures daily in the 90's, to repair my system.

My cell phone bill was double its usual amount due to the hours and hours I spent on hold trying to get updates from these companies. Due to the extreme unresponsiveness of Jackson Mechanical, I asked AHS to send a different contractor. They refused.

Worst of all, after withering in my home for an entire month, Jackson Mechanical's extremely inept technicians did not even hook up the new system so the cold air would blow into each room. Then, in June 2011 when I turned on my air conditioning for the first three days of a new season, I discovered a huge wet spot in my ceiling...Jackson Mechanical's legacy, as the bungling technicians had also not properly tightened a simple pipe connection and the "overflow" pan flooded a large area of insulation in my attic and seeped through my bathroom and bedroom ceiling. Neither AHS nor Jackson Mechanical would take responsibility for repairing the damage or reimbursing me for the cost of the repairs.

AHS is not worth the money. They hire inept contractors and then leave the customer to deal with the fallout. If you live in the Charleston, SC area, avoid at all costs using Jackson Mechanical; they will tell you anything and everything you want to hear, but they do exceedingly poor work and do not stand behind the work they do.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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Not sure what you are talking about with Jackson Mechanical or AHS. Jackson Mechanical is the ONLY company with AHS that I would ever allow to come into my home and fix my a/c or heat.

I am thinking that from your response that you were wanting the world for $60. Remember a warrant company on your home is no different from a vehicle warranty, evrytime you experience a problem with your car, I don't think the dealership is going to give you a new car, they are going to repair and move on, so maybe if you are looking for a NEW system you should purchase one and stop the blame game!


We have had a very similar issue with AHS. When I threatened legal action, they responded with turning our case over to customer relations further delaying our repair.

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