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OMG!!! American Home Shield is horrible!!! This is the worst company I have ever encounter in my adult life. They will promise you the world of service to sell their policy; but when you needed help, they gave you song and dance but no service.

My hot water heater tank went out and they sent a plumber to check it and he said it couldn't be repaired, but it must be replaced. The estimation for the replacement was $1,400 and American Home Shield would only pay $250. What kind of an insurance is this??? I was told if an item is broken and can't be fixed; it will be replaced, no question asked. Why pay the premium and still have to pay this huge sum? REDICULOUS!

I was offered a "cash out" option of $195. With this option, I have to get a licensed plumber to replace the hot water tank. I took this option thinking it was better than nothing. But even at $195, they denied my claim because I submitted an incorrect receipt! This mess started in February 2011 and I finally cancelled my policy April 12, 2011. Yep, it took all that time to try to settle the claim, NOT WORTH IT! It took tremendous effort to contact and to deal with the customer service personnel. They would not tell me the truth; they purposely led me to make a mistake on my claim and denied it at the end of the process. AWFUL! When I called, the average waiting time to talk to a customer service is over 15 minutes. Worst yet, I couldn't get through to the cancellation department for weeks. For American Home Shield to make cancellation difficult is very unethical.

I consider my decision to buy an American Home Shield policy A MISTAKE. I paid the price and learned from it. Hope you don't make the same mistake.

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I had a very similar experience with American Home Shield. They completely lied to me about a needed repair. The AC/Heating service technician who came out to check it said several ducts needed to be repaired or replaced. He took photos and assured me he would include them in his report to AHS. I waited for 5 days and heard nothing from AHS. So I called and they said I had a roof leak and wasn't covered. A roof leak? WTF! I told them there must be a misunderstanding - all they had to do is speak to the technician who came out (someone THEY arranged to come out). They said they did that and that is what he said. I called the technician's company and spoke to the owner. He said he could not put me in contact with the technician because it was a conflict of interest. Once they file their report, it's up to AHS after that.

So basically, they lied to me. Committed fraud. And caused me to pay for something that I was already covered for in the first place. I considered filing a lawsuit against them, but then just decided to let it go. I can't put energy into dishonest people and companies like that. I did, however, let my mortgage broker know and asked that she tell every one she knows to avoid them at all costs.

Since I happened to see this post online (I was looking for something unrelated) - I thought I owed it to other consumers to share my story. DO NOT get insurance from this company. You will waste your money and end up every bit as frustrated and angry as I was.

On another note, if anyone does get involved in a class action suit against this company, feel free to contact me. I kept track of all correspondence and dates and saved all of it. Happy to provide it if it helps put this horrible, dishonest company out of business.

@FINALLY - others are sharing h

I can't say AHS has been as bad as the comments, but I can say that they are NOT CUSTOMER FRIENDLY!! I got the service and was up front with the sales person about small issues that I wanted to buy the service to fix.

(dishwasher, etc.) Honestly, I could have bought a dishwasher for what I paid to get the old one fixed with AHS, but I have had problems with my A/C unit in the past and was getting covered in case I had more issues.

Unfortunately, my heating unit went out after they attempted to repair once but had to come back (sound familiar) It feels like the vendors are quick to find items that can't be fixed so you have to pay them. The vendor ordered the wrong sized unit and I had to pay someone separately to make a larger opening for my attic. I called AHS and said please find the correct sized unit and they wouldn't.

So now they want me to pay for their mistake!!!!

It isn't much ($200.00), but it was their mistake.


AHS is definitely the WORST company I've ever dealt with...and that's saying a LOT! Even cable and motor vehicle companies pale in comparison to their horrible service! We moved into our new home in July 2010 and have a 1-year warranty with AHS. We've had a plumbing issue, dryer, and now, tankless water heater problem. (I should add that we also had an a/c problem, but we called a local HVAC company rather than use AHS because it was much quicker and reliable!! Not saying much about AHS, is it?).

Anyway, our hot water stopped working 8 days ago. We called AHS and another, independent plumber 7 days ago. The independent plumber could have come out the next day for a $45 charge. AHS scheduled us with a plumber who couldnt come until 6 days ago. Thinking it would be a lot of $$$, we opted for the $60 AHS copay and plumber. Ten minutes before the plumber was supposed to arrive, he called to say his truck broke and that I had to call AHS back to reschedule. I waited 25 minutes on hold for an AHS rep to do this! The appt was rescheduled for 4 days ago. The plumber DID show up that day, but as soon as he looked at our heater he said he "didn't do tankless water heaters". For those who dont know, they are relatively new. My husband STRESSED it was a TANKLESS water heater when he called AHS to make the initial appt. Needless to say, I had to call AHS back, wait on hold, get a rude customer care rep (only to have to hang up and call back and wait again!). When I finally got through, I asked if we could be bumped up to an emergency because of all the mess ups but the rep said it was in the hands of the "Dispatch Dept" to find a plumbing company that DOES work on tankless heaters. Since I had already called a company that I knew worked on them, I asked if I could speak with someone in the Dispatch Dept and the rep said the "don't speak with customers"! Whatever!

AHS FINALLY sent me a confirmation email of another plumbing company 3 days ago and it said to "wait for the contractor to call". Well, I didnt wait and I called the contractor myself and they were very nice and came out that day. But apparently, we need a new water heater. Not a problem. The plumber even called AHS to inquire about a "cash out" option since I could get a discount ordering the item myself from the same water heater company. But today I called AHS again (having been on hold twice...the first time they hung up on me!!!) and the rude rep said I have to wait for that Department to call me to tell me how much the cash out would be. And since I have to order it myself and have it shipped to my house, it will take another 2 days to receive it and that will be 13 days without hot water!

Seriously, AHS is LOUSY, has HORRIBLE customer service, RIDICULOUSLY LONG wait times, ... I could go on and on. Two of my friends just bought houses and I told them to not even bother with the home warranty if its AHS. What a disgrace :( :(


I've had AHS for 7 years. Although they make some repairs worth your while, others are a nightmare.

I think it depends on the vendor they send out. I've found the problem occurs when there is a vendor trying to make extra money. My hot water heater went out and their vendor stated I needed to pay 943.00 bucks for the replacement. He made up that amount in reference to upgrades.

they were charging 200 bucks to install a bolt, literally. I think AHS would be better if they screened their vendors a bit better.

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