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Scott Carrington

Contract Address: 4075 Riviera Drive *** GA 30041

I am extremely dissatisfied with AHS given the current ordeal you have put me through because my AC quit cooling. Your service companies that you have sent to my home are rude, don't speak clear English and are absolutely not truthful in their communication with AHS and with me personally. The various folks I have spoken with at AHS are worse than that and I'm being completely serious. I have yet to speak to one person (and I have spoken to about 15) that remotely cared about the fact that I have been without AC (and I still do not have this fixed) for a month or more now. Your people are rude, downright NASTY, inconsiderate and absolutely unprofessional to say the least. I have yet to have one person from AHS take ownership for this mess or drive for any type of resolution to my claim.

The notes on the Account I'm sure paint a different picture but given the dishonesty of your service companies and YOUR staff as well there is no telling what your records show. The first company you assigned me to came out and said my system was frozen turned it off and said they had to come back once it was de-frosted. I was never told to call and schedule an appt for them to come back nor should that have been something I needed to do. He came out to fix my unit, he couldn't fix it and left saying they had to come back. A few days went by and I called in and was told that I needed to schedule them to come back??? And that was mid week of the next week and then they couldn't get someone back out there until Monday the following week. That Monday when they were to come out and keep in mind I was never given a timeframe or anything but I had a conference call at work that morning and could not answer my phone during that call obviously but by the time that meeting was over and I checked my messages they had called 3 or 4 times from the service company and then the last message said that because I didn't get right back to them they have cancelled my appt and I would need to call back in and get another appt time. I lost it at that point and called AHS and after several ugly and ridiculous phone calls they transferred my service request to the 2nd company. The 2nd company came out in the 4th week (still no AC) and said that my Evaporator Coil was leaking and they would have to order the part. Another week went by and I started calling in for a status and at that point someone from AHS called and said they were unable to locate the part and that they were going to approve them to replace the entire Air Handler. That made no sense to me and AHS should have been much more involved in this because my system is an Armstrong an only 10 years old I do not believe there should have been an issue finding that part. With the decision to replace the entire air handler they service company wanted $780 of what AHS deemed un-covered charges therefore indicating I had to pay them.

1- $265 Charge for a permit to be pulled. I called my county govt office and the permit to change an air handler is only $50. AHS questioned this and later said they supported the service company as it was explained the difference in amounts was to cover their time to go get the permit. It would not take more than an hour to do this as I have pulled them before myself and I don't make $200 an hour nor should you support such price scams as this??? Your contract language around this is quite funny. You say you do not cover any fines for not pulling permits then you say you do not pay permit charges and the very next sentence says that you support and absolutely abide by all local, gov't and state regulations. That is funny.

2- Charge for removing my old equipment. ?? Leave it in my attic I don't care but generally when you are buying an entire new system from some company they least they can do is remove the old as they are going to sell the parts anyway

3- They wanted additional money for a Mastic Seal around my ductwork. I don't have mastic seal today nor do I need it now. The bands they have on my ducts now work fine and I have polled 5 different AC companies none of which use Mastic as a regular part of work of this type.

4- They I was told there was additional money needed from me for what AHS deemed an upgrade to my drain pan. There is nothing wrong with the drain pan I have it has been fine for the 11 years I have been in my home. Because you could not find the part for my system and approved them to order a new air handler and that particular air handler called for a different drain pan that is not on me but you and part of the natural installation of an air handling unit. Your contract says very clearly that you DO cover work to the drain pans etc. for cooling and heating units

I have spoken to your escalation area several times and most recently spoke to a gentleman there that again ensure me he would call back and never has to this day and I have left him a voice mail every day this week with not one call back. I can't understand his name in his voice mail but his number is 866-878-0127 X1149.

This entire ordeal has drained me and yes I have had an attitude when calling into your company of late but I have been without AC for 5 weeks or whatever it is now I quit counting. I have pets and my mother living with me and this has been the worst ordeal I have ever encountered from a company in my entire life.

I am turning this into our local television in Atlanta and have already had one follow up call from them and I so hope they go somewhere with this story and that maybe one person in AHS will stand up and take responsibility for this mess.

I called back in to AHS today and requested a cash out offer?? I have no idea what that means nor do I know what to do myself. That is why I came to AHS in the first place which has been the most regretted thing to date I have ever done.

You don't care about your customers and have left me with no AC for a month or more with no resolution in sight and not one follow up call from anyone about what to do next.

Enjoy your AC workplace and homes

Cc; Atlanta Better Business Bureau

Fox5 Atlanta Television

Channel 11 local Atlanta

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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That is unbelievable. I have an air conditioner that I complained about 30 days and counting.

I am glad that this last 30 days was one of the hottest days of the year.

I do not see any resolution in the near future. I called 13 times as they instructed me to.

I spent lots of time and is eating me up. I give up


I was just told by AHS that there is no ac company for my area, they don't have any ideal when they can find someone or get my 2 ac units repaired. So irradiated by this company.

We just brought our home in March.

I'm looking for a solution. Thanks!

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