Bellevue, Washington

We bought a house covered under an AHS warranty. A month after closing, we had a dangerous electrical problem occur. AHS said it was covered and we paid the $60 fee.

Then, the morning of the repair, they call and tell us we'll have to pay close a THOUSAND dollars in other fees, for "access". What a load of ***. Most of the systems in your house will require "access." So, they have a sleazy way of basically making you pay for the repair, after you've already paid the fee and schedule the repair.

If you're looking at a house warranted by these clowns, avoid it and run. Really, run. Demand another, better home warranty service. These guys are bad news.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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AHS Contract Disclaimer: "Service requests are subject to a fee for each trade call. Some exclusions and limitations apply."


Everyone has their opinions and their experiences. I for one am in awe of the things AHS has fixed for a $60 fee and $50 a month, from a ceiling fan to garage door opener to an outdoor A/C unit.

Everything was always $60. The A/C unit alone would have cost me, out of pocket, between $4,000 and $6,000.

When you call AHS, they task it out to the local company contracted to do the work. It is that company that you coordinate times with, not AHS.


The contractor comes out and then they call AHS for authorization. That takes time for approval.

Then even if parts are available in town. They have to order the part and it takes a week or 2 to get the part in. Then in our case they ordered the wrong part. Then that took 2 more weeks.

We had of course, already paid them. So, the contractor was off taking someone else, first.


American home shield does just what it promises, and more than we expected. For three fees of 60 dollars we have had out gas lines repaired, our furnace and water heater controls replaced and some plumbing issues dealt with.

Nothing was ignored, but we did have to wait a couple days bc there were no service technicians available on a sat night. They kept us warm by offering a reimbursement for space heaters.

We are very happy customers....and the service was pd for by the former homeowner. What more could we ask for?

@Lovin the lake

Be ready for them to cancel your contract for too many calls. We had them for 6 yrs.

We had 4 properties with them.

They cancelled our primary residence for too many calls. Once in May and once in Sept.


Clear, informative, silmpe. Could I send you some e-hugs?


American Home Shield is a MAJOR scam. Had plumbing problems (Sewer backup), told me they'd send someone out (after waiting an HOUR on hold), then would NOT give me a time they'd be coming...for an EMERGENCY.

That's absolutely ridiculous.

Whatever you do, don't buy a home warranty through this garbage company. RUN


have had water leak in slab 12" just going from one side of a stud to another. non covered in slab leak $600. will never give AHS a good report.


Honestly, I've been with American Home Shield for 14 years and they have saved me thousands of dollars. They've replaced two $5,000 central air units and a dishwasher among countless other repairs.

I've never had to pay more than the $60 fee. I haven't really done much concerning electrical with them so I don't know anything about the details of your issue. Scam is not an accurate word for your predicament.

I'm sorry they left a bad taste with you. I can promise you I don't know what I would do without them.

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