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American Home Shield advertisement is a scam, misleading and deceitful.

American Home Shield is a Robber, deceitful and untrustworthy. American Home Shield’s staff members are accessories to robbing innocent consumers/homeowners..

For a peace of mind and sanity, if I had known what American Home Shield really stands for and practices, I would have purchased a separate extended warranty for each of my appliances.

If you call Sears, GE, or any the other appliance stores, when their service technician respond to your call 99.99% of the time they complete the service same day. It’s going to 3 weeks, without a working refrigerator, I have as many stories and excuses / explanations as the many American Home Shield staff members I spoke to. None of AHS staff could even read the history. None of AHS staff has the decency or intelligence to read the customer’s history before opening their mouths. The approximately ten or more that I have spoken to were directed to read the history because I was tired of repeating stories that refused to acknowledge. One consistency in their stories/responses was that, American Home Shield promised to contact me in 24 hours. I never received a call! I had to call, I was put on hold for up top two hours and when I called its one deceitful lie after another.

This is my second use of these robbers of unaware homeowners.

I took the advertisement of American Home Shield as gospel truth because I heard their advertisement on a Christian Radio Station. The first one was over ten years ago. That one was also highway robbery!

Last Friday/Saturday for my refrigerator, I was told by one AHS staff that t AHS will reimburse me with the service call pay of $79.00 because of the one week waiting without a refrigerator. The refrigerator technician swore he will not give AHS his recommendations / findings until I pay him upfront directly. (I declined paying him the $79.00 service fees at first because of the encounter with the plumber, who insisted that I am responsible for obtaining the part he needed to complete his work. But deceitful American Home Shield staff where making me believe that they are waiting for the refrigerator’s part. But I was quick to let them know that it is a lie because the technician is yet to give AHS his recommendations / findings with my refrigerator.

American Home Shield reassured me that the Plumber will be responsible for the required part. Last week Friday September 18, 2015, I was reassured that that American Home Shield will dispatch another Plumber by one AHS staff: that is what I wanted to hear? Correct but that did not happen. Each time I called it is a different deceitful reassurance. I was tired and exhausted after over two hours on my cell phone today, I told the staff thank you!

I sure did let her know my mind about her deceitfulness, uninformed and stupidity in not been able to dissociate herself from AHS deceitful business tactics / practices.

Before I paid the technician, who had not given American Home Shield his report, American Home Shield staff told me that the Parts for the refrigerator had been ordered! Lie! Today, Friday September 25, 2015, I was on hold with music on/off for over two (2) hours! The “supervisor” who spoke to me was clueless and again a pathological liar/deceitful and would not even listen to me. For 30 minutes, she insisted that the plumber was waiting for the parts for my shower. Attempts to explain to her that the Plumber refused to purchase the part but rather insisted that I am responsible for the part when I have already paid so much to American Home Shield. The staff stated that according to the note she is reading, the part was ordered September 11, 2015. I told her that cannot be but she stuck to the script she was ordered to repeat. After .Almost one (1) hour, she recounted saying the part was ordered today at about 8:30 AM! That is two (2) weeks after the plumber’s visit.

Is there an attorney out there reading this to help file a class action group? I have been more than patient. I am exploring contacting FOX or any of the TV stations to help investigate American Home Shield. To add insult to injury, American Home Shield has the audacity to steal money out of my account when American Home Shield is not providing me services as advertised and as requested.

I am requesting that American Home Shield provide me with advertised and requested services and compensation s for the pain and suffering I was subjected to and all the food lost from my refrigerator and the fast food we have been feeding on.

American Home Shield uses quack one man service provider who are unable to provide immediate services. Told that it will take 5 to 10 business days to repair my refrigerator that sears promised to repair at time of visit or replace immediately if unrepairable. I was unable to pay Sears because American Home Shield has defrauded me already double Sears’s charges!


Monetary Loss: $500.

American Home Shield Cons: Itsaahs engages in deceitful business practices, Ahs uses its staff as pawn accessories in robbing homeowners, Staff willingingly engage in in scamming and robbing, Ahs staff do not integrity no morality to say no.

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