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My best friend is a real estate Agent in LA. She offered to buy me my home warranty.

She actually said to me, I am buying you this for a one year protection (as she laughed) for you new home. Why are you laughing, I asked? She said because sadly, you would get more out of the money than you will the home warranty. She works in one of the largest firms in LA and said that ALL the agents complain about what a JOKE all Home Warranty companies are.

Well, I now know what she was referring too. I have called AHS 4 separate times to come and fix issues. They charge me a $75.00 service fee only to tell me NOTHING is covered! Water heater, guys shows up, says ok I put a part on it works now.

He leaves. 1 day later NO hot water. Call AHS sit on hold for 45 minutes, oh okay we will send him back out. Next day no word from AHS or plumbing tech.

Call again on hold 30+ minutes Blah, Blah, Blah. Next issue they send a plumber to inspect a leak in my master bath, he find nothing, I call back the next day and say there is water all over the cracks in my tile again. They send the SAME plumbing company "go figure" and once again he says oh its just from the shower pan. Ummmm what?

Anyway, he leaves and I still get to pay $75.00! Whooohoooo! But that is nothing compared to the $500.00 deductible that I had to pay farmers for all the water damage that occurred under my sub floor into the crawl space from the LEAK BEHIND THE TOILET THAT THE PLUMBER MISSED TWICE. The warranty company say's oh sorry we can only go by what our technicians tell us!!!

Oh!!!!!!! I see. And somehow American Home Shield called to see if I wanted to continue my warranty. UMMMMM YOU'RE KIDDING RIGHT!!!

PS: Fidelity has the same *** service. Have not tried Old Republic yet. They need to do the Home Warranty Company field what they did to VPI vet insurance.

Make customer service oriented companies ,,, they in turn will create serious competition. And they will HAVE TO CHANGE!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

American Home Shield Cons: Wait to talk to someone on the phone, Hold times are atrocious, No emergency action, Worst of worst, Deceitful business practices.

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