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I assumed the warranty with American Home Shield after purchasing my home in 1998, since I knew that I still had the original heat/air conditioning and water heater and soon it would need to be replaced. Well, 14 years later, nothing has "broken"....however....I've been having problems with my water heater since 2008, and have had plumbers come out thru American Home Shield on an annual basis if not more to "fix" my water heater.

The water heater has been leaking but no one found out what the problem was and I lived with standing water, until last July when another plumber discovered that it was a pressure valve that needed replacement and at the same time had to replace an expansion tank and TP valves, (all of which was not covered by AHS)...out of pocket expense: $430.00. Low and behold it stopped the leak!! Last week, I turned on the bath water to find rusty water!!! I left the water running and it cleared up slightly, but still wasn't clear, clean water.

I put in for another service request, $60 service fee, yet another plumber came out and said it should be replaced. American Home Shield denied the request!! They say that the warranty does not cover setiments!!! They also said that the diagnosis didn't indicate that there was leakage and therefore, they have denied the claim!

They did offer to send yet another plumber out for a second opinion, however, if they come back to say the same, it won't be covered. It's a catch 22!! When I had a leak, it wasn't covered, now I have rusty water, it's isn't covered....what does it take to get your water heater replaced?!?! AHS is a complete ripoff!

After $300 in service fees for them sending out plumbers and another $430 that was not covered, I could have purchased my own water heater and been done with it without the aggravation it has caused.

You are better off paying for any repairs as needed instead of using AHS!! Buyer beware!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Warranty.

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Everything associated with American Home Shield (A.H.S.) is a total rip-off. This is due to their parent company being "ServiceMASTER".

Everything and everyone associated with ServiceMASTER is a corrupt rip-off.

In addition to AHS, ServiceMASTER also owns Trugreen and Terminix. They all have a long, checkered history of unresolved problems filed against them with the BBB and Stat's Atty Gen'l Office.

The details are posted on www.ripoffreport.com


After trying to reason with then regarding my water heater and yet a second opinion with yet another plumber....AHS FINALLY agreed to replace the water heater!!!! Yippee!!! I still would recommend that you carefully consider look into their warranties, due to not everything being covered.

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