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Buying an American Home Shield Service was a dreadful mistake. I would have saved hundreds arranging my own repairs.

If you are considering using this company you can expect an enormous contast between the friendly service operators who answer your call and the AHS authorization department who must "okay" repairs. AHS sent Sears to inspect my broken dishwasher in April and told me it was fine (I paid the $96 New York service charge). It broke again 65 days later and AHS told me it was past the "60 day recall period so you'll have to pay $96 again." I waited two weeks for Sears to come again. It broke again twice over the next two months and I twice missed work after Sears called the scheduled service morning to say they couldn't make it that day- AHS could not get another company in my area to come insead of Sears.

Virtually the idential problem happened when my clothes dryer broke. This time it again took 4 visits (including another cancellation by Sears at 7PM after waiting from 1PM) and my irate call to a supervisor before AHS would pay to replace the dryer. When the water heater needed a repair the plumber was very nice but complained that AHS gave him an incredibly hard time authorizing covered parts. The final kicker to this story is that I just got a letter from AHS saying they would not renew my policy for another year.

I paid over $1100 dollars in service fees beyond the contract charge and "uncovered" parts so it's more than ironic that I would have considered renewing with them anyway.

Would have been cheaper to just call repair people on my own. Avoid this company!

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IT took me four weeks without a/c to finally get to the point where I could actually have someone fix the unit. The first two people out confirmed my compressor was broke, but were unable to work on the unit.

Weeks later, I asked to pick my own contractor.

I will not get reimbursed until after I have paid to have the repairs completed ---- and needless to say it will be much more than the incompetent folks were charging. I too can do better on my own.


Wow! I find it quite ironic that whenever a complaint is made somehow or another someone finds their way in here to heap an abundance amount of praise about AHS I read a comment in another post wherein a sarcastic *** said something about them being rated A+ buy the BBB.

As to say, they can't be that bad based on the ratings.

I say BS to that, sometimes being the only game in town affords you that privilege, however, that still doesn't make it right. AHS is the worst.


I agree. AHS is a ***-man's game.

Their entire MO is to find any way to steer the contractor into saying that the failure was caused by owner negligence, and not failure of the appliance itself (i.e., the consumer did not service it frequently enough, etc.). I spent a year with them, and each call experience was worse than the last. The final straw was when we went with no heat and hot water for almost a week.

I had to find a repairman on my own, and AHS never did refund me the full cost of the appt as they promised. If there are any class action law suits out there, please put me on the list!

Anyone thinking about joining AHS, just save your money and get a heater/AC company's yearly service plan/warranty for 1/2 the price (I'm paying $275/yr).


Wow...I have had AHS for years and they have saved me a ton of money. Never had these kinds of problems. We love them.

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