Mobile, Alabama

I have tried unsuccessfully to cancel my American Home Shield membership since June of 2012.

Once you call to cancel, they tell you a representative will contact you. They did the first time and left a message. Good luck with trying to return the call to that person or to the cancellation department.

I was told the last time that they saw the record of the request, but that I did not return the call to cancel (which I did). When my credit card was up for renewal, I just did not update it. I was surprised when my credit card company allowed the charges on the new card. I called them and got it canceled with a complaint about how long I had been trying to end this membership. They even sent a letter of dispute for me. Got yet another number to call on Monday... (naturally the office is only open for business during hours you want to call.)

Mitzi Allen

Monetary Loss: $320.

  • Good luck
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Same here. Only I took my credit card off their system so now they're sending me late notices.


I have effectively cancelled my contract as of January 2012. I was proactive and contacted my credit card company, who said they had to hear from AHS.

I had sent an email (copy to self) to AHS and rec'd a reply acknowledging that they would cancel contract. I continued to check with credit card company to see if they had received cancellation from AHS and told them why I wanted to cancel and that if they paid AHS they would consider that renewal of my contract. AHS called me two separate times to say that my credit card must have expired because they were unable to receive payment. I told them on the 1st call that I had written to them to cancel and rec'd the 2nd call and had to say the same thing.

Even after I had written to AHS they still tried to receive payment through my credit card. I'm thinking the credit card company refused to pay after noting my several telephone calls to them about not paying AHS. This is a good reason why it is best not to have direct bill payment from a credit card or your bank, but it is not always easy to discontinue payments to AHS.

I am happy to be free of them and my life should be so much less stressful now. Good luck to all of you in dealing with them.


Try contacting their parent company at


they didn't even give me the chance to cancel my contract, i have not received a new contract and they took payments out and over drew my checking account. now they want to send me to a collection agengy for the full amount of the contract. they suck


Dear Anonymous,

I don't have the contract at hand but I think you have to cancel membership in writing. You should send it with the return receipt.

That way you know it is received. If they are not deducting monthly premiums from your bank account, seems to me it's already cancelled. An AC repairman came to fix the thermometer which seemed to be hooked up wrong electrically. Since I did not have the manual, he charged the $60 and left.I assume an electrician should know how to hook up something so simple.

That was a RIPOFF!

Good luck! As you know, calling them does not count!!!!!!!!!!!

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