Benton, Arkansas

AHS sent out a heating and air company Connie Creed Heat & Air to replace my whole heating and air system. After installing it we found it would not cool down our house.

It runs non stop for 17-18 hours a day and is usually about 84-90 degrees in our home by 9pm every night. We have to small children that are having to go thru this right along with us. Contacted AHS to let them know and they sent Connie creed heat and air back out pretty promptly. Connie creed heat and air stated they didn't know what was wrong with it and told AHS there was nothing else they could do.

AHS then sent out another company to check it out. (Cabot Mechanical, very good contractor). Within 15 minutes of arriving at my home the technician identified the problem as being a mismatched system. They reported their findings to AHS and told them they were available immediately to fix the issue.

(This is where everything went very bad for us) AHS told Connie creed to fix it because it was their mistake she again told them nothing she could do. From this point it has been over 40 days and AHS still hasn't fixed this for us. I've called twice a day for all 40+ days and get told the same thing every time "there's nothing we can do until Connie creed decides to take care of it" in the mean time I've sent emails to Jackson Perkins, area supervisor for AHS to please contact me which he has not. Found out he already knows about this and has done nothing to get Connie creed to expedite the process to take care of us " the paying customer".

Oh btw our electricity bill this month was $982.81. AHS, nor Connie creed care but AHS will Sure take my annual premium payment paid in full every year. I have a tendency to simplify things and think AHS should have told Connie creed to put what ever jobs she was working on that came after us On hold and finish the job she started (ours). If she refused then they should have let Cabot mechanical do the job and billed Connie creed for the work.

That way my family wouldn't be sweating in a 90 degree home for a month and a half I would have a $300 electricity bill instead of $1000 and everybody would be happy, except incompetent Connie creed. BTW identifying that the system was mismatched was as simple as looking at the info tags on the units. They installed a 13 seer condensing unit with a 14 seer air handler.(won't work together) Again over 40 days AHS won't do anything to hold Connie creed accountable in a timely manner. At this rate it might be winter before anything gets done if at all.

I'm giving them two more weeks then I'm going to let my attorney deal with it. At this point I'm all done trying to be optimistic, courteous , and polite. That ended about 7 days ago which really was about 25-30 more then they deserved. It's a simple fix!

Replace the condensing unit with the correct one which by all rights should have been done right in the beginning!

How does a heating and air company not know to check the tags to make sure it's not mismatched before they install something! WOW!!Oh, I will not be renewing my contract with AHS Next year I will be going with one of there competitors.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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