9/5/2016 @ 6p.m. mountain standard time I called to submit a request for my erupted water heater and was unable to speak with any live Representatives due to technical issues with the phone systems. I processd my request through the automated system and received confirmation and a phone number to the preferred vendor (Am Pm Plumbing- queen Creek az). I continued to call American Home Shield with hopes to speak to a representative to get an update on my emergency and all three calls were disconnected as the automated system expressed apologies for not being able to process my call due to technical issues.All three calls were lost at seperate times for the same reason after waiting in excess of 20 to 30 minutes for each attempt.

Finally at 9 o'clock Mountain Standard Time after a 50-minute waiting I was able to speak with representative Alisa. At this time Alisa explained to me that I should have spoke with a representative earlier because my initial request has not been expedited therefore has not been considered an emergency for the past three hours that I have been waiting. I explained to her the trouble I was having previously with my three failed calls and attempts to speak to a live representative. She did not express any sympathy for my situation or even offer apologies for the inconvenience that I had experienced with the phone service all she would say to me is that under their policy they have 4 hours before a vendor needs to contact us and I just need to be patient.

I asked if my work order could be switch to a local ROC. plumber who can be on site within 5 minutes and she said unfortunately there's nothing she can do and that I have to wait 4 hours on top of the three hours I have initially waited because they can only use two plumbers both of which are more than an hour away from my house.I explained that I have been without water in my house for 3 hours and I have an ongoing leak that needs to be addressed immediately to which she robotically responded you have to wait 4 hours before someone is required to reach out to you and at that time service can be scheduled she continued to talk over me and refuse to offer me to anyone else be that a supervisor or another representative who might be helpful for at least more sympathetic with my situation she continually cut me off while I was speaking and offered no assistance other than you must wait 4 hours before we are required to have someone speak with you and she again stated that I should have spoken with the representative earlier so that way you can expedite your work order almost implying that I was neglectful in handling my water emergency. I explained to her that I called the plumbing contractor that is in their preferred network at 7pm Mountain Standard Time and left a message with my emergency, confirmation number from American Home Shield and a contact number to reach me. Still at 9 p.m.

mountain standard time I have not received any response from the plumber which is supposed to be on call emergency.

I then expressed my concern with a plumber that doesn't respond to water emergencies and again asked if there was any way that we could utilize a plumber that answers their emergency on call phone number and can be at my house within 5 minutes to which she robotically replied you have to be patient and we have 4 hours before we required to have anybody respond to your emergency. This is not how to handle a emergency ands absolutely no way to treat a customer.I feel completely taken advantage of being that it is currently 10pm mountain standard time and still I have not heard from anyone about my water emergency, I have no water at all in my home meaning no toilet, showers, drinking water, etc, this is absolutely unheard of.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Store Location: Tucson, Arizona

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