Here is what you guys as customers need to know. I am a recovering former service provider for AHS.

Let's keep this specific because I only have dealings in the greater Sacramento and Auburn ca. Areas. This region is headed up by Brian Billimer and and his boss Faye. They are the ones that hire, fire and run all of the service providers.

This is how it goes. They look for new or struggling contractors. They get you to lock into what they call agreed pricing. This is the pricing we as contractors give for the different replacements or repairs.

They present this as an attractive package since no advertising is needed, they just send us job after job. Then what happens is they consume you with work so that in the end in order to make it work with them you give up all other channels you were getting work thru before. Everything is done on a scoring system. It doesn't matter if you guys call in or do a do a review on line saying we were great and AHS SUCKS they will score us negatively behind it.

Then how it goes is this they have you totally dependent on them for work, they tell you because of your score you won't receive any work unless..... this is the important part. We agree to go on what they call "mac rate". At that time your agreed pricing is gone.

They give you one flat rate for everything. That means if you have a policy that grants you "like for like" and you have a 400 kitchen faucet, our mac rate is only say 150.00 which it will never be that high but for example. So now they want us to loose 250 on this job, but they tell us if we hang in the averages will balance out. So you have companies struggling already.

They have 8 jobs to do for AHS all of them are money losers for the company. Well then that company has a decision to make. Do we go out today and work all day to loose money? or do we go in get everything denied because by that point we know all the verbiage that is required to do that and we walk out with 150 for not doing anything?

you as homeowners get screwed. You've paid all of your premiums and this is what you get. Those companies that are doing it to you are just pawns that are used up and in survival mode. If you want the real reasons your getting screwed it's because of Brian Billimer and his *** roach boss Faye.

This is the program they came up with. It is this system that promotes predatory contracting.

Trust me they know all about this. So there it is and all the nitty gritty on why you as plan holders with them will never ever get what your paying for.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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