These people are crooks. I've paid for a home warranty for 7 years .

My heater/ furnace broke down and was not working properly so I called the home warranty co AHS to come ad fix it. This was on Wednesday January 25th 2017. They sent a technician the following day and he told me that a pipe / drain broke which leaked water into the motor and caused it to seize and not work properly. This is a home insurance that we have diligently paid $500-620 a yr for the last 7 years.

They seemed slow to respond and so I had to callthem that they needed to treat this as an emergency as we did not have heat. And the heating company reps were outright hostile. Anyway I got a call this afternoon from AHS that the repairs were not covered under the warranty because the a flue inside the heater broke and was not covered by the warranty and that it led to secondary damage which was not covered by them. I have a copy of the technician's report and he referred to a drain not a flue.

A drain is covered by my warranty but these crooks are trying to get out of paying for repairs or replacing the damaged parts by claiming it's a flue or exhaust pipe. These are people whom we've paid over $4200.00 to in premiums over the last 6/7 years and we only made a claim for an Airconditoner repair once and a minor repair at that. I just feel so cheated, violated and taken for a ride. These people ( AHS)are thieves and rogues and I just feel bad that one got suckered by them.

A new furnace is going to cost minimum $3500 or more.

Their customer service is terrible and they are refusing to answer their phones. CROOKS!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Home Warranty.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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