Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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American Home Shield refused to replace our air conditioner because of the way the repairman worded his report. I think they only contract companies who agree to keep expenses down.

I know for a fact that one company I contacted for advice, said they won't deal with AHS because they only want to repair; they don't like to replace.

Since purchasing my home 19 years ago, I have paid the premiums for an American Home Shield policy. For the past 8 years or so, we have had to call them nearly every year because the air conditioner wasn't working. Various parts were replaced with the longest delay being 5 days. However, this year, the company who came out said the a/c wasn't working because the unit was dirty (we regularly clean the outside of the unit and change filters).

My husband agreed to let the guy clean it for an extra $125, and all he did was get a squirt bottle from his truck, spray it on, and hose it off with our hose. He never removed the cowling. The unit appeared to be blowing cool air, but by the time I got home 3 hours later, it was not. I complained to AHS and on the second or third try, got a representative who agreed to send someone else out for a second opinion.

When this company came out, the diagnosis was "the unit is undersized for the size of your house and I can get you a 4 ton Lennox for only *** which includes a discount because you're an AHS customer. Once again, I was not at home. My argument with AHS this time was that the contract says they will not repair or replace a/c equipment that is undersized, but the a/c had cooled quite sufficiently for 25 years, they had been taking my money and repairing it for 19 years. The unit wasn't working because it was old.

After talking to several rude representatives, I finally reached a supervisor who said he could send out a third company, but the options were repair, replace just the a/c unit (which is a very bad idea according to reputable companies I contacted)or perhaps replace the entire thing.

This supervisor contacted me on the morning of scheduled installation by the second company and because I had no faith that AHS would do the right thing and replace the entire unit and we had already been without air for 12 days in 95-101 degee heat in humid Oklahoma, we opted to just pay for the unit ourselves and get physical, not fiscal, relief. I have canceled my policy with AHS and will put the premium amount is a separate savings account so I won't be wasting my money with them.

Monetary Loss: $4832.

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