American Home Shield Dryer Warranty Reviews

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First , said it was a blowdryer as it was too powerful . Then said it might be a loose wire which wouldn't be covered . Lastly,for 420.00 he can fix. Took apart some of my garage and didn't put back together . I called AHS several times to discuss and each time they said they would contact the supervisor that overseas the outside contractors they use . They came back with it was an overloaded circuit which was not covered . Ive had an...
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I didn't like
  • No follow up
  • Could care less about the consumer
  • Only having one number to contact company
American Home Shield claims if they cannot fix it, they'll replace it. This past month has been intolerable as their subcontractor has been here to "repair" a broken dryer 3 times! The dryer is still not working and the subcontracting company gave up! Now they refuse to replace and instead want to start the repair process all over again with another subcontractor! Seriously!? After a month of being without a dryer...not to mention having to...
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I didn't like
  • Deny coverage
  • Too long of wait on the phone