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I am the guy who brags about companies. Basically, 7 weeks ago I turned in my washer.

A week later, SEARS called wanting to schedule a week into the future. I told them that wouldn't work. They said they would contact AHS to get someone else to handle the repair. After 3 wks, I went to the website for AHS and complained.

I finally bought a washer after 6 wks and called them this week.

They said I should have contacted them and that they don't track service request. Now it is all my fault according to them them.

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I have had a contract with AHS for six years. have only used them a few times but every i have called for service, I get mad.

first of all, when you call to place a call, you are told you will have to wait between 10 and 15 minutes before you can talk to anyone. then while you wait, you listen to them tell you that "your call is important to them" but just not important enough to actually have enough call takers to talk to you. also while you are on hold they encourage you to use their web site to place you call. I bit and hung up and used the web.

placed call on a Friday. the next wednesday i received a call from sears, who was their vendor. call went to voice mail as i was out of town. when i listened to it, the sears rep told me they would be out to work on my washer in two weeks.

I called and got through to sears right away, but when i told them i needed service sooner than that, it was too bad.

I then called AHS. had to stay on hold for 15 minutes listening once again about how important my call was and encouraging me to go to the web and place my call. when i finally had a human pick up the phone, and related to her that two weeks of delay was not acceptable, she told me my contract specified 48 hour service.

when i asked why the hooked me up with a service provider that did not provide that sort of service, i was told it was becuase i had made the service request over the web and did not wait the 15 minutes on hold and place the call with a human. AAAAUUUUGGGHHH. she put me back hold (yes, same line) and when she came back she gave me the name of another service company who would call me and could come out in 48 hours. I asked if these was 48 hours from when I first placed the call and she said, NO.

from right now. I am going to find another company of just self ensure, these people are a joke.

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