Atlanta, Georgia

We have now had 2 incidents with American Home shield and both times they have done everything they can to avoid paying us. The first time they had a plumber company that we did NOT like and they told us that they cost of the entire repair including fixing the wall, new faucet and time would be about $60.00 if we choose to do it with another plumber.

For $60 you barely get a plumber to your house. The estimate from another plumber was over $400, we felt they did EVERYTHING they could to avoid paying out the insurance money/claim, but we did not hav the energy to fight it at that time...We just paid it from our own pocket...

The other time, we had a leak in the bathroom caused by an stop in the pipe, but that too they flat out refused to fix since they said that the fault was outside the house, so we had to pay the $1,200+ invoice ourselves AGAIN. I HATE THEM INTENSELY and we cancelled all our insurances with them and I really hope no new customers come their way if they treat everybody like this. I HATE THEM and am sorry we cannot more than let you know about it here.

But in short, in my personal opinion AMERICAN HOME SHIELD STINKS! In fact it is the worst company I have dealt with over thousands of companies - so far.

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I've never had a problem with AHS. I've had a policy since 2003.

They have done numerous repairs during that period including replacing both my hot water heater and dishwasher with new units.

I plan on renewing yet again next year. I have yet to have a negative experience with AHS.


If you are disgusted with AHS's business tactics, customer relations AND DENIAL OF TRUE, VALID CLAIMS (ie: Breach of Contract)....

Here's some info:

If you're seeking CEO David Crawford's voicemail - here's how.

Dial 1-866-305-0259 as stated above. When the phone system says "Thank you for calling American Home Shield.... please enter your Representative's Extension" -


Enter Ext. # 1000

The Greeting will then say: "Welcome to Avia Messaging, please enter the mailbox # of the person you are calling.... IF YOU DON'T KNOW THE MAILBOX NUMBER, PRESS STAR (*) TO SPELL THE NAME"....

After that sentence, IMMEDIATELY PRESS STAR (*) - then spell David Crawford's LAST NAME:

just input, "CRAW".... you will then be taken to: DAVE CRAWFORD'S VOICEMAIL....

Kindly leave your message.

If you want to call bluff - redial the 1-866 number above, go to Ext. 1000 and then input Judy's Extension "2100" (Judy Peedic - The Executive Assistant to David Crawford) - it will take you to her voicemail (or she will pick up) - so the Avia Messaging System is that of AHS...

Also, another Executive Assistant to David Crawford is a person by the name of "Matthew Boyd" his extension is 2103 at the same 1-866 number listed above (again, his extension also works in the Avia Messaging System @ AHS).

I hope American Home Shield makes right on alot of the breach of contract issues... :)



Disregard the paragraph above, as David Crawford is not the CEO of AHS anymore. For current contact information your best bet is to get in contact with AHS parent company ServiceMaster at


I love American Home Shield they always pay when I call for repairs - the 60$. :)

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