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DO NOT PURCHASE AHS. Our heater broke on 7/03/2011 (Please note that I have a baby and a 60 year old mother with high blood pressure in the house).

We notified AHS and they sent a Tech on 7/4/2011. The tech told us that there was a crack in system and a problem with the compressor. He told us that his manager had to come and talk to us the following day about changing the unit. we told him that was not acceptable as we didnt' have the desire nor the money to change the unit and that we needed the AC fixed asap as possible.

We were very suspicious because when we had AC problems the year before, the same guy came and tried to get us to speak with his manager about changing the entire unit and told us that they could save us a lot of money. The Tech seemed very upset, went back downstairs (where the unit is located) for a very long time, came back up and told us that his company would contact AHS to send in another company. After he left, we called AHS and asked them to send us another technicien from another company. They put us on hold for at least half an hour then came back to tell us that they couldn't locate another company and that they would give us a call back within 2 hours.

After two hours and no call back, we called them back. They said they still had not found any one and they would call back. A few hours later, still no call, we called them back. They didn't end up getting another tech to our house till 11 the next day.

The new technicien told us it was the compressor and that he would need to order parts.He didn't mention anything about a crack in the system. A few hours later, the Tech called us back to say that they couldn't order the parts because AHS had denied the charge. We never got a call from AHS. We ended up calling them that night, and they told us that this new company had indicated that there were some essential valves missing, which was highly unusual.

(we suspect the angry tech from the company that came on Monday removed the valves) AHS then decided to deny the claim until the first company calls in their diagnostic, which they would then compare to the second company's. It is now Thursday, and AHS claims they still have not been able to get a hold of the company for the diagnostic and they refuse to move forward with the repairs until they do. Every day we call and every day we get the same anwer "We left a voicemail message, we are waiting for them to get back to us." If you leave a voicemail for three consecutive days and no one calls you back shouldn't you find another solution. Especially if your customer is stuck in 95 degree high humid weather with a young child and an old woman with high blood pressure?

We offered to send them the diagnostic that the tech had left us, given that it was signed and on their letterhead. They refused, saying that it was against their policy. AHS' behavior is inhumane to say the least. This is the worst company that I have ever had to deal with.

Suffice it to say that I will not be renewing our membership. Keep us in your prayers.

Product or Service Mentioned: American Home Shield Claim.

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How do i find out who my local representative is? I couldn't find anything on AHS website. I am having similar issue.


How exactly do I get a hold of my local representative? It is is not on their website.

Let me tell you the Saga continues: July 18th and still baking in 95 degrees. We called everyday, and everyday we had the same refrain, which I will spare you from reading again since I went over it above. Finally, on the 13th, they decide that they were going to send the original contractor again (by the way their name is United Temp, stay clear from them, they are criminals) to do another diagnostic. United Temp who could never be bothered to call back with the original diagnostic was more than happy to promptly return their call and stop by our house for a second diagnostic.

And lo and behold what do they say, "you need another unit, you will have to pay $870 out of of pocket and AHS will cover the rest." After they left, we called AHS and informed them that we were fine with replacing the unit but we did not want United Air Temp to do it and we did not want to pay $870. They told us that they could approve us to get an outside vendor to do it, however, unsurprisingly, they couldn't give us the approved amount right away, we would have to wait for a call back from their cashout department the following day or the day after that.The following day, we called and they informed us that it was on a first come, first served-basis and that someone would get back to us that evening or the following day. That evening, no call. The following day,which is a Friday no call.

We call Friday afternoon, they tell us that they are still working on it and someone would give us a call if not that evening, definitely by Monday. We told them that someone had promised to call by the Friday and that we couldn't go through another weekend without AC and could we please be transferred to the cashout department. They told us it was impossible to be transferred to the cashout department. So, we go through the weekend without AC.

Monday morning comes and goes,still no call. we call in the afternoon, a person from the new service request picks up, he wants us to tell him the whole story again because he doesn't have access to any of our information. We asked to be transfered to the status department and instead he hangs up. We call again, are on hold for 30 minutes, someone finally picks up tells us we have a balance due.

I explain that we don't, that we had paid United Air Temp the first day that they came. He tells us that this is not what is in his system, places me on hold then comes back and says everything is fine. I ask him the status of our approval, he says that he will transfer me to the cashout department (I guess that it is not impossible to be transferred to the cashout department). A lady from the cashout department informs me that we don't need a quote and that we need to either let United Air Temp do it or get an outside vendor to do it, pay for it then send them an itimized receipt.

They will review the receipt and reiumburse the amount that they would have paid for the service -$870 for the installation fee. So I ask you ladies and gentlemen, why have we been waiting 5 days for a quote. Could this information not have been relayed to us on the 13th, or doing each subsequent call thereafter. I of course went postal on her, for which she calmly replied that she had no control or responsibility for any information or misinformation, which was conveyed to me prior to my speaking with her.

I kept trying to express my frustration, she kept interrupting me.

I asked her to speak to her supervisor, she put me on hold for an additional 15 minutes then hung up. This is what you have to look forward if you decide to purchase AHS.


Call your local rep. You would be surprised what they can get done. Go to their website and go to find your local rep and put in your zip.


Have you tried contacting the local representative?

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