Atlanta, Georgia

American Home Shield, using the contractor Oxford Heating and Air, has ruined one of our air handlers through countless inferior repairs and corner cutting. The most serious of the problems now is a SEER mismatch with a Amana 3-ton air handler at 8-10 SEER (1990-1991) and a replacement Payne (Carrier Brand) 2.5-ton condenser at 13 SEER (2006-2007). AHS/Oxford was suppose to change out our 3-ton evaporator coil with a 13SEER, but instead under charged our system to get the A/C to work and disable the indicator light for our 2nd stage electric heat on the thermostat.

After 5 years without our heat pump working correctly or efficiently in an all-electric house, now they want to come clean about a new air handler. The house currently needs 2nd stage electric heat to keep the house at 68F although it's 55F outside! We had to use a different contractor called Appliance Comfort Air (ACA) in order to diagnose the issue (twice) and AHS still does not want to admit to creating the problems with the unit in the first place. AHS/ACA are together claiming that the unit is "rusted out" when the real issue is a "mismatch" ACA correctly suspected during their first diagnosis. The only thing rusted is an emergency drain pan under the unit.

Based on another pissed consumer's complaint and given the pattern of avoidance and denial; American Home Shield uses Oxford Heating and Air and Appliance Comfort Air as their "go-to" companies for scamming customers in central west Georgia. Instead of doing honest repairs, the contractors do zip-tie and duct-tape repairs to parts (literally) that should be replaced. Now AHS/ACA

are holding our cash out option hostage for 3 weeks by not telling us the model number of the replacement "Carrier Brand" unit. Please, save your time, energy, and money by voiding all three companies.

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ACA is a terrible company to deal with. After venting my frustration about their failure to fix my unit for 2 weeks in July, an individual claiming to be the head of the company threatened to call off his people after they had been paid.

This individual told me he the BBB was a joke and he didn't care about complaints...... Real stand up company.


Omg, I am going through the same thing with Oxford!!


2.5 ton condenser and 3 ton air handler is not mismatched. A 1/2 ton is ok.

Now mixing brands is another thing. Again, AHS is only for replacing what is broken. Efficiency is of no concern.

Also, read your contract. Insurance companies are all the same.

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