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I purchased my home 4 years ago. Along with it, I purchased a policy with AHS. In that time I have only had one claim on a Garbage disposal. That experience went very well. However, it seems that when it comes to expensive items, AHS is quick to deny your claim. They use every excuse they can possibly find.

This past two weeks I have had two different technicians out at the house. The first one had simply told me that I had an old unit at that the compressor had burned out as well as having a freon leak. When I got the report and denial of replacement from AHS, they gave me a completely different report than the technician had told me.

So, I requested a second opinion. The technician was very nice and let me know that the unit looked like it was in relatively good condition for such an old unit. However, the compressor had burned out and he too noticed a freon leak. Again, I get a call from AHS that denied the claim due to lack of maintenance. Never did any of the technicians use that type of terminology with me. This raised a flag with me. I called each of the companies, separately and spoke to the person who filed the reports. Needless to say, the report filed and what AHS says was filed, are slightly different. The AHS report adds in language like "blockage due to poor maintenance" or "lack of regular maintenance" claim denied.

Stay away from them. They lie and alter reports so that they will not have to pay any large claims. I am going to get my money back and simply deal with regular contractors. So much for helping me save money on big ticket items.

They got over $2000 of my money, plus interest, for the past four years. I should have been saving it for this "rainy" day.

STAY AWAY from this POOR insurance company. Keep the money and save it for that "emergency"

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there is a class action lawsuit pending against American HomeShield because of denial of claims. You tell them you have an old unit and they say that's fine.

Then when you have a freon leak or any other failure, they use the lack of maintenance excuse. You may want to google pending lawsuit and see if you can get onboard. I received a letter recently, but have only had one claim so far. They use new hvac contractors who want to build their business and try to get you to spend extra money on maintenance.

If you don't do it, they claim you refused and your unit was not maintained. Get the picture?

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