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*** company !!! I use to work for them as an autho supervisor and we did a great job back then.

I have 4 contracts and over the past year I have never had so many issues with their contracted vedors. Greenway here in Memphis is deny, deny and I spend the time and money to get a 2nd opinion and it's always overturned. Now Quality First is on my hit list. I have a gas leak in a rental house, Heat is turned off, was told at 1:00 this afternoon Quality First woudl be out.

Nothing for hours, no call, nothing so I call; they would be out by 8:00 tonight. At 10:11 AHS calls and says they can't come. Why in the *** did they take the emergency work order if they did not intend to do it. Now I have to put up 4 people in a motel and I am super pissed.

Here is the presidents email address for the rest of you home shield folks that wnat to tell him where to go.

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Air conditioning not working since june 26, 2012. This is August 1st, 2012 Temperatures in the have sent the same *** 2 times the installed unit does not work either, A&R tried to soak me for an 18wheeler with a crane to lift a small compressor to roof, y neighbor caried it up, they could have used the same pulley they used for their tools :( Lorraine Riddiough




Early this month we contacted Aire Serv in Salem, OR to service our air conditioner and heater twice a year, in addition to the Warranty Contract we have with your company AHS. Upon servicing them, Michael Flores, told me that we have a very serious problem with our air conditioner and it was "ready to blow" and if we did not get the necessary parts to repair them ASAP we could be looking at several thousands of dollars. Right now to replace the "CONTACTOR AND CAPACITY" would cost around $200.; QUITE A BIG DIFFERENCE. AHS will cover this, BUT ONLY WHEN THIS BLOWS, SINCE RIGHT NOW IT IS CONSIDERED IN WORKING CONDITION!!! Now I know this is your rule, but my goodness Dave.....does this make any sense to you? Sometimes a little common sense goes a long way. The defective parts shown to me show burn marks... so do you truly feel that I should continue to run my air conditioner and then when it "blows" contact you on an emergency basis (which it will be since I have a heart condition and cannot handle the heat) and then you will not only need to get Aire Serve out here immediately but will be paying thousands of dollars, since these parts when blown have a domino effect? I know you take pride in making your customers happy. Please be reasonable and do not do this to us.

Aire Serv will be here TODAY BETWEEN 2 AND 4PM



503-365-8326 MICHAEL FLORES,



I am praying you do the right thing.

Thank you. Joy and Les Ray


I am canceling my account. They have HORRIBLE customer service.

My furnace went out and they want me to pay for it upfront to get replaced and then they would reimburse me. WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF HAVING A WARRANTY IF I HAVE TO PAY FOR MY REPLACEMENT UPFRONT.


Try going over AHS and contacting their parent company, ServiceMaster at



I have three waranties with AHS I am about to cancel and then I am calling my lawyer. No one will help with our heater.

It has been going on for a long time. Please call me at 713-869-0881 or 281-216-0183 One of my homes is at 2935 michaux houston texas 77009. I need this fixed ASAP.

There are other warranty companies.I look forward to your call. Freezing in texas , Ronnie Eldemire


I am writing to submit a formal complaint to the AHS and its president.

please call me at 512 417 4791

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