Anaheim, California

I have been an AHS customer for over two years. Back in 2012-2013 my husband and I purchased a policy from AHS, shortly after our ceiling fan broke, we called AHS and were told that the ceiling fan was not covered so we bought a new ceiling fan. Then I found out that the fan “was” covered and when I called AHS they said that because we purchased the fan and installed it they could not refund us for the fan and installation.

Sometime in early 2014 our washer and dryer malfunctioned. I called AHS and they sent a technician who did not fix it. We called AHS to follow up and they said the repairs were not covered.

In mid-2014 a button from our stove stopped working, we called AHS who sent a technician who said that if we pressed the button real hard with our fingernail the button would work, well now there’s *** where the button is from “pressing w/ our fingernail”. AHS said that the repair was not covered because “technically” it still worked.

Recently the lights in our kitchen kept flickering and our microwave completely stopped working. We called AHS and they sent someone to look at it. We received a denial letter from AHS saying that nothing was covered because it was caused by an “audio circuit overload”.

After paying over $1200.00 in premiums and service call fees we decided to cancel the contract. I called AHS to cancel and in an attempt to keep my business they said they were really sorry and promised to make things better by fixing the lights and replacing the microwave but first they would send another technician to look at the problem again. This was about three weeks ago. We never heard from AHS after that. Last week I called AHS to follow up and was told that nothing will be fixed. I asked to speak to a supervisor and my request was denied multiple times. Then I requested that my contract be cancelled and that they honor the promise of replacing our microwave and fixing the lights.

Today I received a voicemail stating my contract was cancelled but there was no mention of my microwave or lights. Had my contract been cancelled last month I wouldn’t have had to pay for this month’s premium and that money could have gone to a new microwave.

I’m saddened because I feel like I have been taken advantage of and robbed, and I am hoping that you can refund my premiums or replace my microwave and stove. I think that AHS has failed to honor the contract which I paid for and never had any intention of repairing any items in the contract. The repair for the lighting was quoted at $280.00 and a microwave costs about $100.00, it saddens me that AHS would not even honor a minor repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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